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Author Topic: May 2011 Crime Report for Corbett  (Read 3701 times)
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« on: June 07, 2011, 06:24:14 PM »

Hello Corbett Residents and Affiliates,

Iíve attached the May Corbett Crime Log.  There have been some recent concerns about the number of bicyclists in the Corbett and surrounding areas.  Here are some reminders for everyoneÖ.whether youíre a bicyclist, resident or motorist (Oregon Revised Statutes 814.400- .487):

1) bicyclists have to obey the same traffic laws that motorists must obey (this includes signaling turns, impeding traffic etc..)
2) bicyclists may drive on the road, however they must scoot to the right to allow for cars to pass.  If they donít this is technically ďimpeding trafficĒ which is a traffic violation.
3) bicyclists donít have to display license plates, so itís very hard to identify bicyclists who donít obey the traffic laws.
4) if a bike path is available, bicyclists are required to use it (ORS 814.420)
5) the tricky part to #2 above is 814.430: ďImproper Use of LanesĒ.    A bicyclist must stay as far to the right as practically possible UNLESS the bicyclist is passing another bicyclist within the same lane.  However it must be done in a manner that does not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.
Iíve just touched briefly on these laws and there are other laws I havenít mentioned.  Almost every bicyclist Iíve seen is driving safely but Iíve also seen some reckless drivers (in both cars and on bikes).  Deputies cannot exclude bicyclists from public roadways unless itís otherwise posted.  This includes many areas with very narrow shoulders, such as in front of the Job Corps.  Itís left up to the individual in these cases to use their own discretion in taking the particular route.

The"Rusty Zipper" Club meeting at the Corbett Country Market.
We'll miss our dear old friend Ron Bates. He passed away this past weekend with his family at his side. Ron is seated at the far end of the table with the cut-off sleeves. He was a man of strong faith and he loved to ride motorcycles. He showed courageous strength this past year as he fought cancer. His funeral service will be on Monday 6/27/11 at 7PM at Greater Gresham Baptist Church (on Division east of Kane).

* Select here to leave a comment for Ron or his family:
Deputy Joe/Rocky Graziano
Corbett Community Resource Officer
Voicemail- 503-251-2502

* 2011.5.pdf (193.47 KB - downloaded 530 times.)

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