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Author Topic: Anyone having problems with their kids reading,math, ect.?  (Read 3099 times)
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« on: September 24, 2010, 08:22:04 AM »


  I am wanting people to contact me if their child or children are having difficulties with academics. I have three kids that go to Corbett and all three are having problems with reading. I have called around trying to find a place that I can afford for all three to have reading lessons. The cheapest I can find would cost me 500.00 per month per child. I am tired of my 6Th grader being unable to read at his level and he is not in a special reading class.  For the past several years I have watched him struggle, and fall farther behind. I would go to the school and explain my concerns year after year, but they were ignored. He has to have an adult read his math to him so he can do the assignments. I did have a person teaching him over the summer and it has helped but he is so so far behind. I am now watching the other two do the same. I don't want all three to be marked as special needs or have severe reading disabilities.  Please call me @ 503-695-3561 Thank You Teresa
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« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2010, 04:43:34 PM »

Hi Teresa,
If you go to the site there is a manual there regarding how to file a complaint against a process, teacher, administrator or school board member. 
There is also a series of information regarding the IEP or SpEd procedures for the Corbett school district and I did get a copy of the information from DeeDee Hanes when I requested it from the School Board.  (Then I got the site and its much faster.)
Under this site there is information regarding what steps are to be taken by the School and what you need to put into writing, what they need to put into writing and the process both sides must follow.
Most important, it all needs to be in writing.  There are forms to be filled out, and you can make a suggestion on how you'd like the problem resolved.  If need be you then move the process up the levels. 
Good luck.
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