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Author Topic: Think of the Charter School as an annuity  (Read 2634 times)
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« on: April 14, 2013, 07:19:42 PM »

A lot of Corbett residents want the public school to stay "small".  If that is the case, then Corbett residents should think of the charter school as a insurance policy or an annuity to help fund operations. 

1) if you leave the charter in existence, the public school stays small. 
2) the public school can still qualify for "small high school" status and receive extra funding from the state.
3) the public school can continue to receive payments from the charter for rent, admin, and other things and the public school doesn't have to be responsible for educating any of the charter students.
4) The public school can stay small from a "number of students we are educating perspective", but yet still has enough students to have full size sports teams and bands.
5) The charter parents are "Booster" supporters also.  Every year they come to the auction and spend their money to help fund coaches, equipment and transportation for athletics. 
6) The public school can still benefit from the broader curriculum offerings since the charter is paying for half of the high school teachers.

Recent communications talk about not renewing the charters rent agreement  The rent arrangement is part of the charter agreement.  To be clear, the charter pays a lot more than "rent".  If the charter was just looking for space to rent, we could probably do it more cost effectively by just renting a separate building.  The point of the "rent and other services" was to fill the public district's budget shortfalls.  Which the charter has done for several years. 

If you really want to "stay small", then keeping the charter is a great way to increase your funding and not have to increase your responsibility.  Think if Randy had to deal with concerns from 50% more parents.   

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