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  • Interested in Accreditation?: March 27, 2012
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Author Topic: Interested in accreditation for Corbett Schools?  (Read 7722 times)
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« on: March 26, 2012, 08:37:17 AM »

Northwest Accreditation Commission will be at the Grange Tuesday at 6:30pm

Dr. Richard Darst State Director for the Northwest Accreditation Commission will be at the Grange Tuesday at 6:30pm to give a one hour presentation on Accreditation and will answer any questions the community has.

This would have been Corbett School District's 75th year being accredited, but it was removed in 1999/2000. If you are interested in seeing our schools pursue accreditation please come out! You can find out more about this topic here:

A few misconceptions:

1. We have to have a library to be accredited. Since our library was turned into classrooms to make room for Charter seats - Randy Trani thought we had to have a library to be accredited. Actually, we don't have to have a library, just access to a library or books (Multnomah county library qualifies).
2. We need counselors. Since we don't have counselors in Corbett, Randy thought this was a problem. But we only have to have access to a counselor and MESD qualifies.
3. There is too much busy work filling out reports. This actually doesn't need to be done to be accredited according to Dr. Darst. They want basic things like directions around the school, directions to where the policy and procedures manual is, list of times teachers are available to be interviewed and the bell schedule.
4. Costs The reality is that the cost to apply is only $100. The cost to be yearly is $450 plus $.17 per student. ( So less than $600 for the year. )  To put that in perspective, we spend over 50,000 a year on AP tests, and our schools DID NOT RANK this year in Newsweek because they changed their criteria to look at more than just tests taken ( )


Bring yourself, your friends, neighbors, anyone who would like to learn more about the accreditation process, cost and benefits. Thank you.


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« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2012, 12:09:09 PM »

Very interesting. I am still shocked by the ignorance of these two men (Mr. Dunton and Dr. Trani) and that the board continues to go along with them! Mr. Dunton's view of Accreditation is dangerously harmful to the community! Dr. Trani is locked in his Imaginative World of learning and "Sees no Evil!" The two of them together are an injustice to the Corbett Community, but they have enough followers that it creates the reenactment of "The Emperor's New Clothes". So why don't you really want the Accreditation Program back? Accountability? That would be a start for the grade school!

My wife and I (Joe and Kella Horton) were grateful to see that there was a Corbett boardmember, the vice-principal of Corbett and a principal from an outer-district school that attended this meeting. I hope that these people can see the importance of accreditation in our schools and act on the issue accordingly! As for the info that was presented that evening, we have come to a conclusion that someone is grossly misinformed or someone is purposely misleading the public. I was disappointed that Mr. Dunton (who is not a doctor) was not there to defend what he so strongly and passionately believes in. The representative that Dr. Trani sends had no input of why Corbett is not accredited nor does he defend it. (I imagine he was just there to gather info for for Bob and Randi so they can hide behind their computers and throw attacks out at the ignorant subjects - You guys must have been good at D and D board games thus the explanation for Imaginative Learning). I kind of thought that I would have learned the real reasons and problems why mr. Dunton and dr. Trani don't use accreditation? We all would have had a better understanding for the issues and maybe put to rest many of them.
 Instead, the two Educated all Knowing Intellects decided to use their "invisible cloaks" and escape their demise. Standind up for what you believe in is much more honorable. If Bob and Randi had real confidence in their plan it would have shown and then a discussion with  the community could have been created. Progress in a positive direction reguardless of the direction! So instead, everything that Mr.Dunton has said about the accreditation program is grossly out dated or misleading for personal and financial growth. There is no reason not to become accreditated and it only benefits the children of Corbett, period! Shame on you Mr. Dunton for being so obtuse, once again!
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« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2012, 02:14:46 PM »

I can find only positive things about the accreditation process and I think it would be great to get Corbett re-accredited. 
As a parent I now have to make a very big decision for my child who is a Junior in Corbett.  Do I pull him and put him an a school that is accredited?  While he has excellent grades and I'm sure would be able to take the "second path" to getting into school, he needs scholarships!  A concern that is going to have to be faced is that if I transfer him to a neighboring district, he may not get all his classes transferred with him, and he may not be on track to graduate.  I understand that other districts had figured we were accredited and hadn't been checking, but now students transferring from Corbett will have to meet the requirements of the "non-accredited transfer student" policy.  As one family out there knows, that isn't so easy! 
I was saddened to hear the Charter parent who also didn't know Corbett had dropped its accreditation and is now facing having to have her graduating Senior take the GED to qualify for the scholarship that will pay for college.  However, having heard that is something they are having to deal with, I wonder if that is the path to take for my student?  Does he get his GED and qualify for scholarships that would be denied him otherwise?  I guess I need to do research into the school he is interested in attending and find out what they suggest. 

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