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Author Topic: Clarification of request for public records - student directory  (Read 7784 times)
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« on: November 21, 2011, 01:58:35 PM »

Here is a copy of an e-mail recently sent out by the Director of the Charter regarding a request for public records.  There is a brief explanation of the policy and procedure after Mr. Duntonís message, along with the reasoning behind the request.  This should not be raising any red flags for anyone, as the request is being made in good faith, and is very well intentioned.

From: Bob Dunton <>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 16:18:28 -0800
To: Bob Dunton <>
Subject: Protecting Your Privacy

Hi, all,

Hope this finds you well.  We are wrapping up a magnificent trimester of work, and an issue has come to light regarding which I wanted to provide you some lead time.

School records are confidential.  We have safeguards in place to protect the privacy of our students and their families.  This includes the right to withhold personal information such as your street address and telephone number from the prying eyes of non-school personnel.  Only those with a 'need to know' are privy to this information, even if they are on staff.

A Corbett School Board member has asked for the names and addresses of every student in the District, including Corbett Charter School students.  I can't begin to imagine (or don't want to) why anyone would consider this to be a reasonable request.  I think it raises some red flags, and I wanted you to be aware that it was going on.

By policy, the District will be required to get your written permission before releasing this information.  If you give such permission, they may be required to release your contact information to literally any person off the street who asks for it.  (They wouldn't even have to be 'off the street'.  They could simply demand it by email!)

So if you are contacted by Corbett School District regarding whether you give permission to release this information, the choice is entirely yours.  I only want to ensure that you have a moment to reflect and to make a decision that doesn't produce any unintended consequences for you and your families down the road.


Bob Dunton, Director
Corbett Charter School

End of mail from Bob Dunton

The request for student directory information was made following a board meeting where it was suggested that we all expand the circle of people that we know.  The most logical way of going about this is to have the student directory printed out.  The directory cannot be requested by just anyone off the street or by e-mail, you have to have a valid reason for asking and you have to follow procedures in place in the policy manual.  You also cannot request specific sub-categories of students.  So, while an example given at the board meeting was that of a man who wanted pictures of all young girls and their addresses, it is not a possible scenario.  There is a final administrative approval before the request is deemed valid, so any untoward request would be caught at the administrative level.

Current policy regarding student directory information is as follows:

Corbett School District 39
Code: JOA
Adopted: 6/15/88
Revised/Readopted: 12/17/98, 6/18/03
Orig. Code(s): JOA
Directory Information**
Directory information means those items of personally identifiable information contained in a student
education record which is not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released. The
following categories are designated as directory information. The following directory information may be
released to the public through appropriate procedures:
1. Studentís name;
2. Studentís address;
3. Studentís telephone listing;
4. Studentís photograph;
5. Date and place of birth;
6. Major field of study;
7. Participation in officially recognized sports and activities;
8. Weight and height of athletic team members;
9. Dates of attendance;
10. Degrees or awards received;
11. Most recent previous school or program attended.
Public Notice
The district will give annual public notice to parents of students in attendance and students 18 years of age
or emancipated. The notice shall identify the types of information considered to be directory information,
the districtís option to release such information and the requirement that the district must, by law, release
secondary studentsí names, addresses and telephone numbers to military recruiters and/or institutions of
higher education, unless parents or eligible students request the district withhold this information. Such
notice will be given prior to release of directory information.
Directory Information** Ė JOA
Exclusions from any or all directory categories named as directory information or release of information to
military recruiters and/or institutions of higher education must be submitted in writing to the principal by the
parent, student 18 years of age or emancipated student within 15 days of annual public notice.
Directory information shall be released only with administrative direction.
Directory information considered by the district to be detrimental will not be released.
Information will not be given over the telephone except in health and safety emergencies.

The request for information has been made through the appropriate procedure.  The intent of this request is to help reach out to all members of District 39 and hopefully get input that can help everyone have a voice. 

Victoria Purvine 

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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2011, 12:46:58 PM »

I think this is an excellent idea! How better to open up communications and to make sure all parents are aware of the happenings of the district than to have the contact information for all the parents! To try and put some kind of negative spin on this simple request is mind boggling to me. How is this different than school newsletters? Perhaps the best idea in works...send out a monthly board newsletter to ALL parents, both District & Charter! Copies of letters submitted, public comments, and agenda's as well as the next months agenda. What a great concept and a way to truly get real input from the people who have the most invested...the parents and students!!!
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