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Author Topic: notes from special board meeting on 11-3-11  (Read 6267 times)
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« on: November 04, 2011, 07:57:40 AM »

(Usual disclaimer:  these are my notes and are not the official notes of the school, the superintendent or other board members.)
Todd Mickalson attended by teleconference, Jeff Aho had an excuses absence, all others were present.
The attachment is the one I sent out earlier, it was at a 95% finished rate, the final one has a small number adjustment. 
Work being done in the HS: 
Replace all pneumatic controls, valves and damper actuators with electric and tie to web based system in the Elementary.  Provide and install a new 1,200 MBH hot water boiler:     Budget $364,405                 Annual Utility savings:     $9,489
The payback on the HS will be longer than on other components because the cost of the boiler had a number put out around $100,000.  This will also be twice the size of the current boiler so it will use more energy.  However, the HS is not running at heats that are needed to keep the students and staff comfortable.  So, this is not an energy savings move, it is a comfort move.  Also, the school is not bringing in enough outside air and the CO2 levels are not where they should be.  This results in sleepy occupants and poorer learning conditions.  The increased air being brought in from the outside will cost us an annual cost of $17,000 in energy penalties.  The savings over the year has absorbed this cost in the numbers that have been run.
The system is to have a default system installed so in case of power outages the system doesn't have to be reset and the district doesn't lose the savings by having the system running at the wrong time setting.  There will be a training session for all who will be working with the system at the end of installation and a one year review of the system to make sure everything is performing as it should.
Work in the MS: 
Add web based controller to MS to 1) schedule boiler 2) schedule superintendents air handler 3) schedule 2 commons area air handlers, manage NLL.  (NLL is night low limit.  This is the level the maintenance supervisor determines the building is most efficient, can come up to required heats by the time staff and students arrive and can be adjusted based on time of year, and how long it takes to re-heat the building.)     Budget:  $135,348    Annual Savings:  $5,205
Middle school and high school gym share a steam boiler located in the MS.  Estimate repair/ replacement of 18 ea 1/2" radiator style F&T traps, 9 ea 3/4" F&T traps,  9 ea 1" F&T traps for the 2 gym HV's, EOL in gym and tunnel:     budget $42,327       Annual savings:  $2,781
The fresh air intake is not being addressed in the MS.  McKinstry was told to not focus on the MS as the Superintendent has told them the plans are to rebuild in a timeline that won't allow for the larger costs to be recouped before being torn down or removed.  The thought is the middle school has opening windows and the teachers can open the windows in warmer weather to compensate for the underventilation, and use fans to blow the inside air to the outside.
Work in GS:
RCx all field devices.  Add graphics for all new building controllers to allow at least intranet visibility.  Add supply air pressure and temp resets for VAV machines if not in place:    Budget:  $86,892      Annual savings:  $23,145             (The earlier studies showed the newer school was wasting the most energy.)
The new controllers will allow the maintenance supervisor to override normal operations on such events as snowdays, holidays and other changes that occur at an off-site location.  This way the building won't be heating when it is empty and the operator can operate the system safely from home if necessary.
MP Building:
MPB band room and Elem cafe units are controlled to Elem schedule.  Add Multipurpose/stage unit scheduling to one existing controller:   
Budget:  $50,965     Annual Savings:  $7,314
The project has a one year warranty by McKinstry, to have them come back in and re-monitor the system after that will run about $13,000 a year.  After the one year period the manufacter warranties pass to the district.  The project will be a fixed fee, except in areas where sub-contractors will be used or when materials are being purchased.  That portion will be cost reconciled and the cost savings will be passed to the district.  The project is maximum price guaranteed, so if the project has overruns, McKinstry will be responsible for those costs. 
Work can begin immediately on the design and manufacturing of parts once the board passes the resolution.  The work will commense in phases, working shifts running 3-10 pm when the work might interfer with teaching.  The entire project would be slated for completion by June 30, 2012. 
Hungerford Law firm looked over the contract with McKinstry and said it looked good.  (ODO requires the legal contract has to be gone over by an attorney.)
 Resolution No. 67.11-11 - resolved that the board approve the energy savings performance contract as presented by McKinstry and authorize the Superintendent to pursue the continuation of the SELP Energy Loan Program through the Oregon Department of Energy.
Vote passed 6--0.
Meeting ajourned:   Next regular scheduled meeting is 11/16/11 at 7pm.

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