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Author Topic: MORE than just a school education!  (Read 3485 times)
Michelle C. Smith, ABR
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« on: March 14, 2010, 01:42:28 PM »

As a person who has spent 9 years living in Troutdale and 13 living in Corbett, I feel I am able to make some great observations about the school system we have here in Corbett. Prior to getting married, I had moved all over the United States and attended many different schools and had several different experiences. Corbett schools has educated both of our sons, and done a fabulous job, overall. I want to begin by stating that I was/am a VERY involved parent, showing up for hours on end to volunteer, and going on numerous field trips. Both of my kids have been involved in sports, Scouts, decathalon team, 4H, youth group, and band. Education is NOT just about the BOOKS/AP exams. Our boys have learned as much outside the classroom as in. Our community is UNmatchable in regards to being a support system for our kids. The teachers actually KNOW each of their students and often keep in close touch with them and their siblings as they grow through their years in the school system. It was our older son's football coach and teacher that got him on track for the college he is now thriving at! I have spent numerous hours talking with both Mr. Dunton and Mr. Trani about their thoughts on education. Although I have NOT always agreed with their thoughts, they have always been respectful of my feedback, and I could not find two administrators more interested in HELPING kids learn in the best way possible. After our oldest "left the nest" for college, I turned my energy into helping others have a similar experience that we did here in Corbett by entering the real estate market. I have spent many hours talking to folks. NOT just about the housing market, but the COMMUNITY you purchase as well when you move into Corbett. If you move to nearby Troutdale, one can also "dip into" our community and be a part almost as easily as living on this side of the Sandy! The kids that have grown up in Corbett are some of the most respectful and sharp minded around. Yes, the school system HAS had a major impact, but the community as a whole gets the credit as well!

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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2010, 12:25:55 PM »

Our kids did great in Corbett too. We love Corbett too. But, to be fair, we and our kids have not been down there at the School when the Charter School was created or with the changes going on there now so we aren't seeing first hand and from reading Mr. Dunton's blog I would be a naysayer I guess too as it is very different than our experiences when our kids were in school.

I am not sure we shouldn't work to get our money back on a couple of those board members that Mr. Dunton speaks so highly of. The state tests Dunton dislikes so much-------  and if you look at them you will see why ------- actually show that we have fallen below the state averages on "meets and exceeds" in both math and reading/literature for third graders in 2008-2009.

So this would mean that something has not been going so right in the last couple years in the Grade school to me anyway ( where i hear most complaints coming from ) People should see that scores have gone down at least two years in a row across the board - and that also is something Dunton writes about in his blog ...'don't pay any attention to the grades they don't mean anything'  ' we know best' ... reminds me of our last president just telling us to go on about our shopping while he started plans for a war and sent our kids to Iraq. ( well maybe not that bad... but still! )
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