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Author Topic: December 2009  (Read 3279 times)
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Hello Corbett Residents and Affiliates,

The December 2009 Corbett Crime Report Log is attached.  Also, our detectives are seeking help in locating the owner of a recovered stolen military medal.  It's a purple heart with the name "Leonard B. Cox" etched on it. If you know of this person or his family, please have them contact me at the phone# or email listed below.
Also, I had a rare chance to talk with a young burglary suspect a few weeks ago.  I can't give all of the details because the cases are still being investigated.  In general, this young man stated that he and some others burglarized about 100 homes in the Portland-metro area this past summer....including Corbett.  He was captured as the result of a burglary investigation originating in Corbett.
Some interesting points in our converstation that may help home owners (this is just this particular burglar's opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions of all burglars!):
1) They chose houses that appeared unoccupied (no lighting, no cars in the driveway etc.)
2) If someone did answer the door or startle them, they would offer a very smooth story about being there to "powerwash" a deck or check the backyard for a deck etc..  They were never frightened of the owners.  They would simply sell them a story.
3) They worked as a team and could quickly go into different rooms and take things.  If there were large items they could carry them out on dollies or carts (large safes that weren't bolted to a secure object were fair game).
4) Ironically, an alarm sign posted on the property aroused their curiousity of loot inside!  This suprised me too.  He said most alarm companies only put alarm sensors on windows and doors (without the interior motion sensors or floor pressure pads).  They would break a window (leaving the frame intact w/ the sensor) and then go inside; never activating the alarm.  However, another Corbett family had their house burglarized 2 months ago and the burlgars weren't scared away even after the loud audible alarm was activivated (this was possibly a different "team" of burglars).
5) This group of burglars would apparently run if confronted.  Of course this isn't always the case.
Thank you,
Deputy Joe "Rocky" Graziano
voicemail- 503-251-2502

* 2009.12.pdf (383.4 KB - downloaded 628 times.)

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