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Author Topic: Garlic Mustard - Please be diligent  (Read 197 times)
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« on: April 30, 2020, 08:17:29 AM »

If you haven't noticed it - you likely haven't been looking. It is all across the area right now. Garlic Mustard is a problem and we need your diligence.

".... we are encouraging anyone with a garlic mustard infestation on their property to take advantage of the extra time at home to pull and bag the plants located on your own property. You can dispose of bagged garlic mustard at the dumpster provided by EMSWCD, located at the old ball field at the top of Corbett Hill Road. Please be sure to sanitize your hands before and after touching the door to the dumpster.

Weíve made a lot of progress in the last ten years, and this year more than ever we need your help so that we donít lose ground in our fight against garlic mustard. "

If you arenít sure that what youíve got is garlic mustard, go ahead and take a picture to send to our invasive weeds staff. Our garlic mustard experts are standing by to support you Ė email Chris at

"Garlic mustard is a very invasive weed.  The roots exude a chemical that is inhibit other plants from growing, and it can grow in full sun or full shade, making it a threat to a wide variety of our native plants and habitats. Each plant can produce up to 5000 seeds which remain viable in the soil for five years or more. All of these traits allow garlic mustard, once established in an area, to rapidly reproduce and spread, excluding native and landscaping plants while spreading quickly across the landscape.

forest floor covered with invasive garlic mustard
Garlic mustard can completely smother native plants on the forest floor.

Unfortunately, Multnomah County has the worst infestation of garlic mustard in the state. With garlic mustard already well established in many areas, early detection and eradication of satellite populations has been identified as our primary goal. Imagine your favorite wildflower hike in the Columbia River Gorge or your back yard destroyed by this plant and you can understand the urgent need for control.

more here:

* garlicmust_msis.jpg (595.72 KB, 1140x1440 - viewed 15 times.)

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