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Author Topic: Book Sale & Signing  (Read 2122 times)
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« on: April 09, 2016, 02:05:54 AM »

Hello there! Many of you know that Sonny has written a memoir, “In the Crossfire of the Klans”, about growing up in the deep south during the Civil Rights and desegregation era, and have been asking about upcoming book signings, where they can get the book, etc., so I’ve attached 3 documents. The 1st is about the Book Sale & Signing on Saturday, about the story, and where you can buy it. The 2nd is about a couple of event he will be involved in. The 3rd is a few of the ratings and reviews on the book.

Date:  TODAY, Saturday, April 9th
Time:  Noon to 4 pm
Location:  Book Warehouse at the Columbia Gorge Outlet Mall in Troutdale, Oregon

We will be there under his pen name / pseudonym.

In the Crossfire of the Klans can be purchased at

I apologize for the late notice. We will have goodies so Please come by and check it out, we look forward to seeing you there. Thank you!

About “In the Crossfire of the Klans”
His father was a horrible wicked man and was number 2 in the state of Louisiana for the KKK. Sonny and his father were always at odds because Sonny didn't have the same beliefs that his father did and he wasn't afraid to tell him or anyone else in the KKK the same thing. Sonny ended up in the crossfire.

All of the reviews have been 5 star so far. Here are just 3 of them.

By D. Filmer
I grew up in urban Georgia after most of the racial tensions of the Civil Rights Era were already past. That was a shameful episode in southern culture that most southerners don't care to talk about today, so I knew little of what my parents and those around me experienced. Buddy has really enlightened me about how crazy the world can be when people are driven by hate and fear. He is a master storyteller, and what a story he has to tell!!! The thought of my daddy putting on KLAN ROBES in front of me sends chills down my spine. This book has everything you would find in a Bruce Willis action movie - bombs, guns, fights, explosions, fires, murders, federal agents, high speed car chases, snipers, crooked cops, innocent victims, crazy villains hell-bent on destruction - except the guy in the middle of everything was not a tough NY cop but a frightened teen-aged boy. And it's all true. Thanks, Buddy, for sharing your life with us.

By Linda
I cannot remember when I have read such a compelling story... Salute to Buddy Blanche, what an amazing young man! This is a story of the KKK and civil rights movement that I have never read, not even slightly, from this perspective. I very highly recommend this book!

By D. Erwin
Excellent read. This is the story of a particular, a coming of age story of a young man, growing up in the deep south during the Civil Rights Movement era...a fascinating first-hand account of the inner turmoil of the time, when everyone had to watch their back and the lines between friend and foe, good and evil, law enforcement, government, religion and family were so blurred it was hard to know who to trust and the difference could be a matter of life and death. Buddy Blanche is a wonderful story teller. Telling his own true story, he makes you feel all the emotions of the day. It is hard to believe that the American history told here REALLY DID HAPPEN...not that long ago...and some of the thought processes continue to this day. We can LEARN from history like this if we DON'T ignore and hide it and pretend like it never happened, but instead read and educate ourselves to the reality so it never happens again. I highly recommend this book.

* In the Crossfire - Alt Cover - Signing - Counter Top Sign - 8.5 x 11.pdf (529.79 KB - downloaded 211 times.)
* Notables & Upcoming Events 4-2-16.pdf (237.71 KB - downloaded 230 times.)
* In the Crossfire - Ratings & Reviews.pdf (94.17 KB - downloaded 200 times.)
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