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Author Topic: Public Meeting @ Corbett Grange 3/29/16 at 6:30 pm  (Read 2268 times)
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« on: March 25, 2016, 10:32:23 AM »

Columbia River Historic Highway Collaborative Public Meeting
Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
37493 NE Grange Hall Road, Corbett 97019

Introduction:  The Columbia River Historic Highway continues to grow in popularity as does the Columbia River Gorge in general. The Historic Highway and supporting infrastructure, including parking areas on the Historic Highway and on I-84 at Multnomah Falls, have a limited capacity which is often reached. This Oregon Solutions project will identify solutions to some of the most immediate short term congestion and safety issues and a means to accomplish such improvements.

Meeting Objectives:

•   Present background of the Columbia River Historic Highway Collaborative
•   Update the public on the progress made to this point; present tentative ideas and plans
•   Answer questions and hear input from the public on the proposals under discussion by the Collaborative

6:30- 6:40, Welcome Remarks & Introductions – Commissioner Diane McKeel and Rep. Mark Johnson
o   Project Team and public briefly introduce themselves and relationship to Historic Highway
6:40- 6:45, Oregon Solutions Process, Review Agenda and Meeting Objectives – Michael Mills, Oregon Solutions   
6:45-7:00, Background and Project Overview – Project Sponsors and Sub-committees
o   Kristen Stallman, National Scenic Area Coordinator, Oregon Dept. of Transportation
o   Lynn Burditt, Scenic Area Manager, US Forest Service
o   Kristin Dahl, Director, Destination Development, Travel Oregon
o   Kevin Price, Portland/Gorge District Manager, Oregon Parks and Recreation
o   Susan Law, Western Federal Lands Highway Division, Federal Highway Administration   
7:00-7:30, Open House - Opportunity to speak to subcommittee representatives at individual tables –Opportunity for written or verbal questions, or other concerns and ideas, regarding the Historic Highway (‘Parking Lot’ questions) Closing Comments

Committee   Members/participants
Shuttles/Tours (public and private)
   •   Kristen Stallman, Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Coordinator, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Dave Duncan, Gray Line of Portland
•   Kevin Price, Oregon State Parks Regional Director, Columbia River Gorge District
•   Joanna Valencia, Senior Transportation Planner, Multnomah Co. Transportation Planning
•   Susan Law, Western Federal Lands Highway Division, WFLHD, Federal Highway Administration
•   Michele Spatz, Mobility Manager, MCEDD
•   Kristin Dahl, Director, Destination Development, Travel Oregon
Marketing and Traffic information   •   Kristin Dahl, Director, Destination Development, Travel Oregon
•   Kristen Stallman, Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Coordinator, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Stan Hinatsu, Recreation Planner, USFS, National Scenic Area
On-site improvements, safety management, and public safety
(road safety audit)   •   Kristen Stallman, CG National Scenic Area Coordinator, ODOT
•   Ray Joseph, Planner, Columbia River Gorge Commission
•   Kristin Austin, USFS, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
•   Commander Monte Reiser, Multnomah County Sherriff’s Dept
•   Susan Law, Western Federal Lands Highway Division, WFLHD, Federal Highway Administration
•   Tori Brinkly, Western Federal Lands Highway Division
•   Monte Reiser, Multnomah County Sherriff’s Office
•   Marc Shrake, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
•   Joseph Graziano, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
•   Dave Mysinger, Friends of Multnomah Falls
•   Magnus Bernhardt, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Dan Bacon, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Sandra Hikari, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Dennis Mitchell, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Susanne Dagnese, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Chhommony Mao, Oregon Department of Transportation
•   Ray Joseph, Planner, Columbia River Gorge Commission
•   Liz Oberhausen, Oregon Solutions

See below for a list of ideas Action.Spreadsheet.Comments.01.19.16

* Action.Spreadsheet.Comments.01.19.16 (1).pdf (131.96 KB - downloaded 247 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2016, 05:36:42 PM »

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to hear some ideas and proposals for the Old Scenic Highway.

Chatting last night I heard some ideas from the community that had also come up during the monthly meetings: can we charge for parking, how can we get more law enforcement out to ticket those blocking the way, is it possible to tow. The concern was brought up you'd leave people stranded, but it was also pointed out that there is always Uber smile emoticon

Can we reduce the number of cars, can we have bikes require a permit to come in on certain days, can we cut back the number of tour buses, how many are coming through and how many people are they bringing. (Dave Duncan with Grayline said Vista House and Multnomah Falls should be able to give us an idea since tour buses are suppose to sign in and say how many people are on the bus. Figure an average of four buses a day during peak season. Some days its ten, some days its two, but on average four.)

Some concerns were mentioned as: too many cars, not enough parking, too many bikes, not enough bathrooms, too long vehicles, too wide vehicles and no guard rails in dangerous areas. My suggestion, Write it Down and Turn it in to the agency there that could help address the issue - and I saw a lot of cards turned in.

One of the agency reps mentioned to me afterwards that she knows a bike group who has money to spend who might be able to help put up porta-potties in areas identified as needing some (Women's Forum and Angels Rest Trail head had been brought up) and Gary gave her his contact information for NEMCCA. I'll follow up with her for contact information next week when I see her, see if maybe something can be done.

There was a lot of talking going on last night, and from the feedback I got from the agencies, a lot of listening. They were excited to hear what the community had to say and want to help, of course the question now is "How do we make things happen?"

The committee has put a Lot of time into coming up wth ideas and solutions, and many of those ideas have been put in what are called the "Mid-term Bucket" and the "Long-term Bucket". My question is "Who is going to carry those Buckets"!

A Forest Service representative told me he thinks the three main agencies (F/S, Oregon Dept of Parks and ODOT) have made connections with the Oregon Solutions Project and maybe the next couple of meetings can include discussion regarding going forward with what they are hearing from the community. He too was very happy to have community members come to talk and exchange ideas, and said "You guys need to hold us accountable."

That of course, is always the hard part.

The next meeting for the group is April 19th and by then information and feed back should be ready to present to all of us. Hopefully by the end of the meeting there will be some answers, and steps in place to go forward.
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