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Author Topic: Corbett Water Board Elections  (Read 3121 times)
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« on: April 21, 2015, 07:03:35 AM »

This thread is for the candidates of the Corbett Water Board to share their information with the community. Please reply to this topic and add your information if you would like it shared out with the community.

Thank you.

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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2015, 07:51:26 AM »

Greetings Corbett Community Friends and Neighbors,   

As many of you know I am a relative newcomer to Corbett.  What you may not know is that while my career was focused in the aerospace industry and the military, my undergraduate degree was in Geology with a concentration in Hydrology.  I was interested in understanding and protecting our natural resources long before it was in vogue.

This past year I have volunteered in various capacities with our Corbett Water District.  This experience has led to a desire to become more actively involved with the District.  Thus, I have decided to run for the Corbett Water Board during the upcoming May 19th Special Election.     

Information on my qualifications and perspectives are detailed below and also contained in the 2015 Special Election Voter's Pamphlet. 

Jack D. Garrison, Candidate for Corbett Water District Commissioner, Position 5

Water is one of our most precious commodities.  A viable community water supply is required for residential and commercial water use, emergency and disaster response, irrigation, fish propagation and survival, and overall ecosystem health.

While our Corbett water product is excellent today we do face several challenges for the future.  Our single source of water is mountain streams which are totally dependent on surface runoff from seasonal precipitation and melting snowpack.  Unfortunately, over the last few years we have experienced warmer temperatures --  in fact, 5 of the past 12 months (August, September, October, February, and March) resulted in all-time record warm conditions in Portland.  We've also seen reduced winter snow accumulations within our watershed, longer summer dry seasons, plus a reduced number of recurring storms which produce steady rainfall to recharge our water system. To date, several counties in southern and eastern Oregon have already received drought declarations.  And all of Oregon must be vigilant for increased wildland fire danger this summer.  If these overall trends continue, or even worsen over time, our water system may be stretched to or beyond its current limits.                 

We must look for innovative and cost effective ways to both sustain and improve our water supply.  The Corbett Water District has an ongoing capital improvement program.  However, limited resources coupled with too many needs hinder our overall ability to adequately fund system improvements for the future.  Serving as the Chairman of the 2015-16 Budget Committee I've reviewed every aspect of the District's operations and its budget request.  The Budget Committee prioritized the budget outlays including the funding for a major system improvement -- a three year project to replace an aging, 30 year old sand filter pond.  Once again, the Committee presented a balanced budget recommendation to the District's Commissioners.         

My highest priority, working hand in hand with the District, is the development of a second water source which is not solely dependent on annual stream runoff and melting snowpack.  Earlier this year, I coauthored a grant proposal seeking much needed federal matching funds for both ongoing and future Corbett Water District projects including the development of a second water source.  We must continue to seek opportunities, at all levels, both public and private, for outside assistance.     

In recent weeks I initiated discussions with the U.S. Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Forestry on a coordinated wildfire response plan which will protect our watershed in case of a wildland fire.  In March, I worked with the District to schedule and host a U.S. Forest Service site visit which resulted in several recommendations for increased fire protection of our treatment plant facility.                         

If elected, I will use my public and private sector experience to help institute best business practices within the Corbett Water District which will ensure that our limited resources are best utilized and that your water rates are kept as low as possible while providing you and your family with quality water.                                                 

I believe my formal education in Geology with a focus on Hydrology coupled with my extensive public and private sector experience uniquely qualifies me for this position.  Details of my educational background, and private and public service are listed in the 2015 Special Election Voter's Pamphlet.                                                                                   

Our Corbett Water System was founded in 1932.  Working together as a Community and planning proactively, I know we can ensure a viable and quality water supply for generations to come.               

Thank you for your consideration and I would appreciate your vote


Jack D. Garrison

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