October 2010
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Jeff Lucas Memorial
Many thanks to all who worked to make this stadium a reality

The Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund believes deeply that we have an obligation to the men and women who fight and die for our country. Most of us can’t strap on a weapon, but we can honor their sacrifice by living a good life and, more importantly, by ensuring those who come after us remember the sacrifices people like Jeff and his family have made for us.  We honor the sacrifice of Jeff’s family. We encourage and promote the support of his son, the Seth A. Lucas fund [ From the Jeff Lucas Memorial web site ] To see some pictures shared with the's web site by Mel Christensen from the day of the Dedication select here. To read an article from the Oregonian select here. Also, there are start to finish photos of this amazing memorial here!

Springdale School
A Message from the President of SSCA

Springdale Community Center

We have a SPECIAL program for you to attend this Tuesday, October 5th, 2010!  Save Our Springdale School or learn how to save your favorite historical building/home. This program will be at the Springdale School on October 5th at 6 pm, your are invited to attend: HOW TO PLACE A HISTORIC PUBLIC BUILDING LIKE SPRINGDALE SCHOOL on the National Register of Historic Places.  By Cara Kaser from the State Historic Preservation Office in Salem.  By Prudence Stewart a consultant from Donovan & Associates. Slide Show presentation with time for questions and answers. Sponsored by the Springdale School Community Center and the Crown Point Country Historical Society. - Gary Law, President of the Springdale School Community Assoc.

Two recent articles from the Gresham Outlook:


" When you’re dealing with an 80-year-old building, there is only so much you can do with spit, polish, elbow grease and enthusiasm.

For nearly 10 years, volunteers of the Springdale School Community Association have plugged away, attempting to renovate, update and buy the building that is the heart of their hamlet on the Historic
Columbia River Highway." Read full article here.


" Twenty to 30 women meet every month at the Corbett Ladies Tea, a gathering for women to meet, share information and gain a sense of personal empowerment." Read full article here.

Corbett Fourth of July
Photos from our 2010 event are posted on the web site!

You can take a look through three different photo galleries on the Corbett Oregon web site by selecting here. There are pictures of the Cruise In, the "Remember our Heroes" Parade and the Corbett Fun Festival...( There are even a few choice photos of the mole contestants....ick!!! ) Thanks to everyone for helping to make the 2010 event so great for both our community and all the visitors that day.

Other Local Happenings
Corbett School District Levy

November ballot will ask for a 3 million dollar levy

"The Corbett School District held and informational meeting about the 2010 operating levy on September 14th, 2010. Members of the school board and superintendent Trani presented information and answered community questions about the proposed levy." [ Presentation information and Question and Answers provided by PDF can be found here from the CSD web site. ]

Corbett Crime Log

Rocky's Report

The September Corbett Crime Log is now posted on the Community Forum!  Last week the Corbett Middle School was burglarized for the 3rd time in two years during the night.  Numerous laptops and digital cameras were stolen and some of the classroom doors were kicked-in.  Two teenage suspects were later arrested and then released pending a court date.  The suspects were not enrolled as students at the school.  They are cooperating with us in tracking-down the stolen property. [ Select here to see the original Channel 12 story online ]
Just a reminder for those of us that store our valuables in a safe.  Even a heavy, four-hundred pound safe can be moved with several people and a dolly or small cart.  If it’s not bolted to the floor or later surrounded by a framed wall, it can simply be rolled away the same way that it arrived.  A heavy safe was recently found dumped along the road and I could see that some simple tools were likely used to open it. Although I’m sure it was time consuming, the valuables inside were extracted and the thief probably felt that it was worth his time in labor.
Deputies were also involved in a stolen vehicle pursuit in the gorge after a vehicle break-in.  Additionally, you can see that there were still numerous break-ins.

Our Citizen Patrol volunteers have been out and they’ve reported that some suspicious persons seem to quickly leave the area when they arrive.  However, it’s an on-going battle and we encourage people not to leave valuables in their cars.
Deputy Joe “Rocky” Graziano
Corbett Community Resource Officer

Veteran's Day Breakfast
November 11th, save the date!

November 11th, Save the date! More details coming soon. Check the Forum Calendar! Veterans wishing to speak and share your stories please contact Pat Haffner at 503-695-5644. Your history is important to us!

School Fundraisers
Soup labels, boxtops, cans and bottles

Save your Campbell soup labels and General Mills Box Tops for Education! Box Top money is CASH for our schools and the soup label points can be reimbursed for arts, athletic, and academic merchandise. Collection boxes are located at the Corbett Post Office and in the Corbett grade school and middle school lobbies. Find out more here.

Cans and Bottles: You can drop off your returnable bottles and cans anytime at the shed next to the old Springdale School. Your support helps CHAMPS fund the all night party for the graduating class of 2011.

Corbett Boosters and CYS
A message from the President, Chris Detherage:

" On behalf of the entire Corbett/CYS Booster Club, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you: the students, parents, and staff of our fine schools. The Booster Club, organized 5 years ago, is a volunteer organization proudly serving Corbett athletic programs and extracurricular activities. The Boosters and CYS (Corbett Youth Sports) continue to work together ensuring athletes from K-12th grade have equipment, facilities, uniforms, etc... for successful programs..." ... Read more from the Booster President here!

Corbett Critters 4H Club
Community-based kids club

Corbett Critters is community-based kids club that focuses on the vitality of the four Hs - Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Our group has an age range of 5 to 15 and we try to focus on a different topic each month. Parental commitment accompanies child participation and there are annual membership dues. For more info contact: Michelle Gregory -, or phone 503-695-3588 or visit the Corbett 4H web site here!

Corbett Country Market has a question...

"Do you want to get naked?"

The world's sexiest winery, Naked Winery, will be at the Corbett Country Market on Friday, October 8th from from 6-8 pm ... Join us for this special event! A $3 tasting fee will offer you the opportunity to enjoy an evening of Naked wine, good food and great company! For more information, please call 503-695-2234.



From the forum:
Parenting Classes

Becoming a Love and
Logic Parent®

Presented by Jennifer Prince.
This six-week parenting course, developed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc., was designed to help you find specific answers and actions for some of those difficult moments in child rearing. These simple techniques are effective with all children, from toddlers to teens.
When: Monday evenings 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., October 11th - November 15th,Where: Corbett Grade School, 35800 Historic East Columbia River Hwy in Corbett, Oregon, exit 22 off I-84 eastbound. Cost: $120 per person, or $180 per couple. For more information or to register please go on line to  or call 503-621-8499

What do you think?
There are a lot of changes going on in the Corbett School District. Fully 90% of the questions collected since April of 2010 from the Corbett oregon .com web site, were in regards to Corbett Schools. You can choose to participate in an online survey by visiting the new Corbett Post web site.
Corbett Ladies Tea

The Corbett Ladies Tea meets on the last Thursday of every month in the historic Springdale School.  ( Except for November and December - see our web site for details on these months. ) Each month we have a speaker on different subjects.  Our meetings usually last from 1000am until about 12 noon. Nearly all of us live in the Corbett / Springdale / Troutdale area.  We all love living out here in East Multnomah County. For more information, please contact Polly Malby: 503-695-5784

Square Dancers?

We're trying to pull together a community square dance at the grange for possibly Friday, 10/29.  Do you know of anyone who square dances and could give a lesson or two at the start of the dance for people who know nothing?  We're looking at using recorded music and I guess a person who could direct the evening. Select here if you can help!

Kempo Karate

Kenpo Karate Classes in Corbett!
5 Days a week! 1 hour classes - ages 5 to 15! Classes by Robbie Russell | Select here for all details!

Looking for someone
" My mother and I lived for a time with a friend of hers named Todd who had a home in Corbett overlooking the gorge.  I know he worked for the expo center here in Portland for a while and I'm guessing he's now in his eighties.  My mother died a few years back and we've never been able to reach him to tell him of the news.  If this description fits an older gentlemen in your community could you please use the contact page to send your info and we will send the email address to you. He'll recognize my last name but It wouldn't hurt to tell him I'm Kathryn Langford's daughter. I know this email was a shot in the dark but short of driving around hoping to recognize a house I lived in briefly at the age of six this was all I could think of trying. "
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