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Author Topic: March 2013  (Read 6053 times)
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Recently some citizen tips led to the arrest of subejcts stealing metal on Louden Road. Also, texting and Facebook continues to be a source of some problems among certain teenagers. Parents are encouraged to montior their childrens' online activities and to be aware of online predators that may appear as "friends".

Our Citizen Patrol is seeking volunteers to assist with school and gorge area patrols. The mission is to be a deterrent to vehicle break-ins and other criminal activity. They're also trained to assist during disasters or other emergencies. Volunteers must pass a background check and they're asked to attend 5-6 training meetings per year. They must serve a minimum of 48-hours per year and patrol in their own vehicles with a fellow volunteer. If you'd like to volunteer or donate to the program, please see the contact info below.

This huge vehicle-sized rock rolled down the embankment onto E. Columbia River Hwy. near the Troutdale Bridge. It caused large dents inthe asphalt and acts as a reminder of the constant movement in the Columbia River Gorge.

This is a hotel safe that I found pryed open upon checking into a hotel on a trip. This is a reminder: "If you don't want it stolen, bring it with you". Our Citizen Patrol volunteers do a good job in reminding gorge area vistors to remove all valuables from their vehicles. Windows, trunks or even safes won't stop many would-be theives.

Corbett Community Resource Deputy- Joe Graziano voicemail- 503-251-2502 24-Hour Non-Emergency 503-823-3333 Citizen Patrol Volunteer Program:

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