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Author Topic: July 2020 Corbett Crime Log  (Read 2831 times)
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Depending on the Pandemic situation, the monthly Corbett Crime Log may be delayed or temporarily suspended depending on sickness or call load. We're all in this together- Deputy Joe "Rocky" G.

See the crime reports below attached in blue and next to the small green paperclip icon.

* If you have problems opening the Crime Log, Adobe Reader may not be installed on your computer.  To download Adobe Reader, go to and click "download".

The Crime Log is now finalized before it's sent to Deputy Graziano, who in turn, forwards it to the community.  Therefore, a monthly narrative or photos can no longer be added to the last page of the crime log.

July Update:
The Corbett Community Resource Officer, Deputy Graziano has been reassigned to Patrol.  This reduces the east county day shift patrol coverage by one deputy, M-TH.  The West Side Community Resource Deputy and some other deputies have also been reassigned.  This is to help fill security detail shifts at the Justice Center.  It's hopeful that these changes are only temporary; at least through Labor Day if all goes well.  Additionally, the Corbett School Resource Officer position has been cut and the Citizen Patrol Volunteer program is on hold indefinitely.

The person(s) that were responsible for painting the Old Highway asphalt, some signs and also  destroying and stealing the American flags prior to the 4th of July has been identified.  A case will be submitted to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.  Some of the metal flag poles were recovered and returned to Corbett Fire.  It was determined that the flags were burned downtown during the protests.

This morning Dep. Graziano was told that some citizens had communicated online about a woman screaming for help the previous night.  There was, in fact, a woman truly screaming for help but none of the citizens ever called 911.  Fortunately, the woman was able to flee from her attacker and she was able to call 911 herself.  If this victim had been incapacitated, it's likely that deputies would not have responded in time. 

In another situation today, a citizen confronted some would-be "squatters" after they had broken into a neighbor's house.  The reporting citizen departed and then called 911.  This gave time for the squatters to leave undetected.  When deputies arrived, the suspects were long gone. 

Situations like this happen repeatedly.  If you believe you detect suspicious activity, please report it yourself and don't hesitate or call others to verify your thoughts or feelings.  Sometimes the Dispatch call-taker can discern this and the call-taker can make the determination about setting up a call for deputies.  That's their job, so it's ok to call immediately.  For now, please do not email or text Dep. Graziano about situations like this.  Instead, please call 911 or the non-emergency#- 503-823-3333.

The Corbett Crime Log has been in existence since 2008 when the Corbett Community Resource Officer position was created. The Crime Log only listed incidents in which a police report was written. The vast majority of "lesser" incidents, however, have never been listed. Beginning with this Crime Log, we'll now begin listing all of the incidents, excluding traffic stops (there were 79 traffic stops conducted in our area in January).   This will give a more accurate portrayal of all law enforcement related activity in the Corbett community.

An "incident" may list anything from a severe crime to a deputy getting "flagged down" regarding a loose horse on the roadway. Due to space constraints, some information such as the assigned deputy on the call and the column that indicated if a report was written are not included.
A serious assault incident occurred on Chamberlain Rd by an adult son to his elderly parents. The parents both sustained injuries requiring hospitalization. Deputies had arrived to arrest the resistive suspect just as he was trying to leave.

The Sheriff's Office Homeless Outreach and Programs Engagement Team (HOPE) contact is: or 503-988-0386.  Here are some links to information about the HOPE Team:
Please visit to learn how to sign up for the new Integrated Public Alerts (IPAWS) warning system for cell phones.  The information is listed under 9/17/18.  

Corbett Community Resource Officer- Deputy Joe Graziano
Email-       Cell: 503-849-1206, M-TH
Emergencies- 911                                24-Hour Non-Emergency Dispatch- 503-823-3333

Corbett School Resource Officer- Deputy Joe Kaiser
 Email-               School: 503-261-4200/ 4226

Corbett Community Website:

Citizen Patrol Volunteer Program
Citizen Patrol volunteers patrol the Columbia River Gorge and the Corbett community.  They work with a partner and act as extra "eyes and ears" for deputies.  Citizen Patrollers also provide support during community events, disasters and other emergencies.   Visit for further information.  

* 2020.7 crime log.pdf (545.01 KB - downloaded 503 times.)

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