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  • IC3S Group Meeting: November 28, 2018
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Author Topic: IC3S Group Group Meetings  (Read 3593 times)
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« on: November 27, 2018, 11:29:41 AM »

Next Group Meeting for Independent Citizens for Sustainable School Solutions (IC3S) will be listed here:

From the Monday, December 10th meeting at the Bridal Veil Church in Springdale (125 Lucas Rd. )

Meeting will be held 7 - 8:30pm. Agenda will be posted soon. This meeting is open to the public and meeting minutes will be posted to our website afterwards . (

1. Opening & Updates
Sharing community requests, recommendations & feedback
Update - upcoming dates for Board meetings & Special Board meetings
Update from Rob Saxton
2. Discussion: Revisiting the conversation about charter district discussions, questions
and information documentation
3. Discussion: Content and delivery in most recent school newsletter & recent email
sent from Dr. Trani to district families about the end of open enrollment and the
discussion about charter district formation.
4. Discussion: Idea & potential planning of informational Q & A sessions in January and
February about basic understanding of ODE funding: terms and definitions, as well as
laws and funding structures that will be important to understand prior to hearing Rob
Saxton's report.
5. Planning ahead for February community meetings - reporting back with information
from Corbett Community Church & next steps/arrangements.
6. Next Steps & Delegating tasks

IC3S Group members will be meeting on Wednesday at the Fire Hall from 7 - 8:30pm.  Our agenda is attached.

This will be a meeting with IC3S members, Rob Saxton will not be there. This meeting is open to the public, and meeting minutes will be posted on our website afterwards.  

We recognize this is short notice - due to holiday schedules and a busy week of meetings last week, we were not able to post much notice time. One of our action items for the evening is to plan meeting dates in advance for the next few months.

Also, an update - the questionnaire that Rob Saxton passed out at the Nov. 15th community meeting is now available on our website.
I have also attached the document to this email. You can fill this out and/or share it with someone, and send it directly to Rob Saxton.  
Email :
Mailing address:  Rob Saxton 15287 SW Highpoint Dr. Sherwood, OR 97140

Please share this questionnaire with folks who would like to share their input with Rob Saxton. Thank you in advance.

As always, feel free to email questions/feedback.
Best regards,
Mikaila on behalf of IC3S



From their web site: " IC3S is decidedly not a committee of the Corbett School Board contrary to what was stated in the most recent 4.2 Action Item of the October Board meeting agenda. We were not appointed by the Board, nor will we be making recommendations to the Board. The District has hired Rob Saxton to make recommendations to the Board. IC3S is an independent citizens group who the Board agreed will be the Project Managers of this scope of work performed by Rob Saxton. The Board voted in favor of this contract, scope of work and arrangement with full knowledge that IC3S is an independent citizens committee and not a committee of the Board. Although we are not a committee of the board, our plans moving forward are to follow public meeting laws as a standard. improvement of district spending and programming.  IC3S is serving as the voluntary Project Managers for the process and Scope of Work that Rob Saxton is carrying out. "

For more information, check out website:

Contact IC3S group via email at:

* Community Questionnaire - final version.pdf (100.31 KB - downloaded 513 times.)
* Nov. 28th - IC3S Group Meeting Agenda.pdf (140.03 KB - downloaded 482 times.)

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