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Title: January 2015 Crime Log
Post by: on February 02, 2015, 02:26:46 PM

The photo in the attached crime log ( just select the below small link -in blue- after this post to view the crime log - It is a PDF - ) shows a crew from Loop Highway Towing as they recover a "dumped stolen" car from the bottom of a cliff in the gorge. The car had tumbled approximately 250 feet down the embankment. A local hiker found this car and numerous others in the same area. Some of the older cars had likely been there for over ten years. Additional cars will be recovered as the weather improves.

A transient was arrested on a warrant after he was seen exiting the old Chinook Inn with smoke billowing out the doors and windows. He had lit a large campfire inside the structure. County Code Enforcement is working with the out-of-state owner to board-up the structure. Citizens are asked to report any abandoned houses or structures that may be a nuisance.

The Citizen Patrol and the Springdale Job Corps Protective Services (PS) programs are in the process of forming a "Joint Patrols" function. This will partner young PS students with existing Citizen Patrol volunteers, most of whom are retired. This mentorship will benefit the community by increasing patrols and community involvement.

To apply for a free, fun and informative 6-session Police Academy for Teens, please contact Deputy Cortada. The deadline is March 20th. Deputy Cortada is the School Resource Officer. 503-261-4226

Corbett Community Resource Officer- Deputy Joe Graziano 502-251-2502 non-emergency 503-823-3333
Corbett School Resource Officer- Deputy Rafael Cortada 503-261-4226

Contact Deputy Graziano or visit here:
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