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Title: Corbett Exposer Information
Post by: on January 23, 2015, 03:08:53 PM

Hello Corbett Residents and Affiliates,
On Wednesday 1/21/15 and Thursday 1/22/15, a naked male was seen at two different locations in Corbett.  He appeared to be engaged in indecent sexual behavior.  This may also be the same person that has been engaged in similar activities in Clackamas County.

Wednesday's incident occurred at the 33000 block of Hurlburt Rd.  He was seated in his black pickup truck in a woman's driveway at 11:15 AM.  Thursday's incident occurred at NE Mershon and Ogden at 10AM.  He was naked and standing in the middle of the road while wearing only a camouflage hat.  A black pickup truck was parked along the road nearby.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION (descriptions vary slightly by witness):
White male.  Possibly a thin or average build.  20-30 years old.  Possibly a light complexion and possibly a beard.

A black pickup.  Possibly a "short bed" Ford F150 or a Ford Ranger.  Has a white round sticker in the rear window on the lower left corner.  The sticker is about 6-inches in diameter.  The witnesses could not see the logo, writing or design on the sticker.

This person has not acted aggressively towards anyone in these prior incidents.  He may scout-out a location or a female's location prior to engaging in the behavior.

Please call 911 if you see this vehicle or subject.  Attempt to get license plate info and/or a photo of the subject or vehicle if it's safe to do so.  If you have information about a possible suspect or vehicle please contact Deputy Graziano.

Corbett Community Resource Deputy - Joe Graziano voicemail - 503-251-2502 ( email: )
24-Hour Non-Emergency 503-823-3333