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Title: October 2014 Crime Log
Post by: on November 04, 2014, 06:05:49 PM

You can download the report as a pdf below by selecting the link in blue.

There were numerous reports of mail theft and opened mail scattered along the roadway in the Corbett area this past month. Fortunately, a deputy identified suspects that made extensive fraudulent charges after opening credit card accounts. The investigation is pending and arrests are expected to be made soon. The suspects are not from the Corbett area.

Several local teenagers unlawfully entered the Grange Hall and stole various items. The case has been referred to the Juvenile Dentention Hall (JDH).

The Citizen Patrol is still in the lengthy process of trying to obtain radio frequencies for a Corbett based repeater. Once in place, the repeater will allow for local radio communications among designated users. This will greatly aid in Citizen Patrol communications and community emergency preparedness.
If you can spare about 4 hours per month, the Citizen Patrol could use your help. We currently have 23 members. Members drive a county owned vehicle to conduct patrols in the gorge area (and the school) to prevent vehicle break ins and other criminal activity.

Contact Deputy Graziano or visit here:
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