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Title: August and September 2014 Crime Log
Post by: on October 07, 2014, 07:02:10 PM

There were numerous vehicle break-ins this month, however there was only one reported break-in incident after 9/22. This is likely due to the fact that a deputy arrested a man and woman on 9/22 after an attempted break in. The deputy made the arrests after observing the male suspect jam a screwdriver into a door lock. During the subsequent investigation, the deputy found that the suspects had used a stolen camera to take photos of their illegal exploits, which then linked them to other vehicle break-ins. It's very easy for one or more suspects to be responsible for a large number of break-ins.
We also had four reported burglaries. A citizen provided some useful information that has been forwarded to detectives, so it's hopeful that a suspect can be identified in one or more of the burglaries.
Deputy Graziano is healing well on "light-duty" status after a shoulder surgery. He should be returning to full-duty status near the end of December. He thanks you for many of your thoughtful emails and concerns.