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Title: Deputy "Rocky" Graziano Off- Duty for 3-5 Months
Post by: on August 24, 2014, 10:45:03 AM
Hello Corbett Residents and Affiliates,
I sustained an off-duty shoulder injury while skateboarding (yes, skateboarding) with my son on Monday.  I'll have surgery on 8/27/14 and will be off-duty for several weeks.  I'll then be placed on light duty status (no uniform or patrol car) for 90 days.  I've been authorized to attend some daytime Corbett functions during my time on light-duty (beginning around mid-September)  I hope to return as the Corbett Community Resource Officer around December or January.  I likely won't be emailing an August Corbett Crime Log.
Please call the non-emergency# listed below for any issues.  Deputy Cortada is the School Resource Officer for school related issues.  Reserve Deputy "Mac" McRedmond ( is the contact for anyone interested in the Citizen Patrol volunteer program.
On a positive note, my injury could have been much worse if I hadn't been wearing a helmet!
Thank you,
Joe "Rocky" Graziano