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Title: December 2013
Post by: on January 08, 2014, 04:38:39 AM

As the winter weather approaches, it's good to be prepared with additional food, water, fire wood and a means to communicate with friends and family. Here's a link to the Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management (MCOEM):

MCOEM has provided grant money for a Corbett based radio repeater to assist the Citizen Patrol and other government agencies with communicatons during a disaster. The repeater has finally arrived but we are still waiting for the assigned FCC frequencies. They have also acquired some used handheld radios for our use in the area.
Sadly, Corbett lost a local resident in a house fire. Corbett volunteer firefighters responded to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible.

The Citizen Patrol needs volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer please contact Deputy Graziano. Some of the activies include: meeting new friends, patrolling the gorge in a county or personal vehicle, vacation home checks, law enforcement classes such as "Situational Awareness", drugs, dealing with the mentally ill, patrol tactics, potluck meetings and more.
more on this here:

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