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Title: August 2013
Post by: on September 13, 2013, 01:20:24 PM

The Sheriff's Office conducted five, 1-day "Active Shooter" training sessions for the deputies on the Corbett School grounds during the school's summer break. The training familiarized the deputies with the grounds and response techniques. "Sims Rounds" (like mini paintballs) were used by the deputies and some of the "bad guy" role players to make the training as realistic and stressful as possible. The Corbett Fire Deparment also participated in triaging at one of the sessions.

The Citizen Patrol now has an unmarked, dark green patrol car that may be used by the volunteers to conduct their patrols. You may see the car in the area.

We welcome the new Corbett School Resource Officer, Deputy Rafael Cortada! He's a great resource for staff and students.