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Title: January 2017 Crime Log
Post by: on February 02, 2017, 07:24:41 AM

See the crime report below attached in blue.

Various investigations have ensued this month in the Corbett area: A large pile of discarded home remodeling materials were dumped at Corbett Hill Rd and I84. Deputies are still following up on this case and other dumping cases in the area. Deputies served a search warrant at a residence in regard to Identity Theft. A small dog was possibly shot by an unknown person. The dog had to be put to sleep. Deputies are working with Animal Control in conducting the investigation.

Preparations are being made for the 2017 Sheriff's Office Youth Academy.
Flier and Application attached in the below "policeacademy.pdf"....

This is a great opportunity for youth, ages 14-17, to attend police academy-style classes on topics such as: Defensive Tactics, 1st Aid, Report Writing, Traffic Stops and Patrol Scenarios. The first night (parents are invited too) is on Tuesdayevening, 4/4/17 at the Wood Village City Hall. Then classes will be every Saturday from 8AM-noon through 5/13. Graduation night is Tuesday 5/16 in the evening. To Apply: contact Deputy Rafael Cortada (contact info is below).

Corbett Community Resource Officer- 503-849-1206
24-Hour Non-Emergency#- 503-823-3333
Corbett School Resource Officer Deputy Rafael Cortada - 503-261-42226
Citizen Patrol-