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Title: November 2016 Crime Log
Post by: on December 11, 2016, 06:20:23 AM

See the crime report below attached in blue.
The Sheriff's Office Citizen Patrol volunteer unit has a new website with information and photos about the program:


"Four mail thefts occurred on 11/29 to mailboxes with locking doors. Please be
aware that this is a time of year when thieves are very active. Stores, homes,
parked cars and even our mailboxes are all potential targets. If you're expecting
anything of value in the mail, try to have it picked up as quickly as possible.

Be aware of suspicious cars or persons lurking along the roadways or persons
knocking on your door with some kind of story or sales request. Sales people
should be carrying authentic company ID and even a sales permit from the
county. This time of year, companies such as Amazon hire extra delivery drivers
that may be driving their own personal vehicles. It's ok to challenge unknown
persons (if you feel safe) and ask them for their ID or a supervisor's contact
number . After extensive questioning, persons with fake stories are usually
"quick to scatter". Obtain a vehicle description and license plate info if possible
and immediately call either 911 or the non-emergency# 503-823-3333. It's best
to call right away instead of waiting. This allows the responding deputy a better
chance of locating the suspicious person(s).

Please don't hesitate to call. Many citizens think deputies are "too busy". If
deputies are busy and the person gets away, your information is still logged and
could be very useful in identifiying potential suspects."