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Title: Citizen Patrol Newsletter!
Post by: on March 04, 2015, 01:12:03 PM
The Citizen Patrol is seeking to expand its membership to allow for additional patrols in Corbett and the Columbia Riv-er Gorge. This will be done by partnering with our local Springdale Job Corps. The Job Corps is a no-cost educa-tion and career technical train-ing program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through career, technical and academ-ic training.



"Citizen Patrol members are trained to be an extra set of “eyes and ears” for the Sheriff’s Deputies. In a recent series of trespass incidents at the now-empty Chinook Inn restaurant, an uncooperative transient unlawfully entered the building and resided in it without permission. The man built a large campfire inside the structure without the use of a chimney. The large flames were only a few feet below the unprotected ceiling. The smoke billowed out the doors and windows, which caused the man to exit. A deputy arrested him on a warrant and Corbett Fire responded to extinguish the fire. After spending a brief time in jail, the man returned again and lit another fire inside the building. This resulted in his second arrest. The man had torn down the no-trespass signs. Numerous drug paraphernalia items were also strewn throughout the area. The man attempted to flee by bike after being noticed by the Citizen Patrollers. As deputies closed-in to apprehend the man, he dropped an empty baggy from his pocket that is suspected of containing drug residue. The case has been referred to the District Attorney for prosecution."

More at the below link/pdf download of the entire newsletter.