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The Corbett Oregon web site went online in 2002 and is a community service project. The site is meant to provide an online hub for local links, resources, information and community notices for our community. More information about this site and Corbett can be found here. 

The Corbett Community Forum was created in 2006

This is a free tool for anyone who wishes to share information with their community online.  The Community Forum is meant to provide a non-Facebook place to archive and find information online. This information (on the forum) can be indexed by search engines and allow people to find the information more easily vs. only those registered on Facebook and/or that are following the Corbett Oregon Facebook page.

The Corbett Oregon Facebook page

If you post your information onto the community forum it can be included onto the Corbett Oregon Facebook Page for you. If you have posted something to the Forum that you would like added to Facebook right away (maybe a missing pet or something urgent ) please send an email to put a ‘giddy-up’ on your request or text 503-805-5008.

A link to our web site’s local link listing

If you have a web site for a business or organization east of the Sandy River in the Corbett Oregon area, simply email your request with your web site’s full url and after your site has been reviewed your web site will be added and you will receive an email back saying as much. There are no fees to be listed on the Corbettoregon.com web site, but a link back to this site on your own site is always appreciated.

How to: Add to the Forum’s Community Calendar

It’s easy to register. Pick your username and password on the forum, confirm your registration and then you can post something to the calendar or any other board. Read here .… If the videos below are too small select the “YOUTUBE” Icon in the bottom right and you can get a full screen version.

How to: Post to the Forum’s Other Boards

Here is another 2 minute video giving a real example of how easy it is to use the forum and post your information including attachments.