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Author Topic: 2014 MAY BOND  (Read 8328 times)
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« on: April 15, 2014, 01:33:08 PM »


Official Results May 20, 2014
Measure 26-158 Corbett School District Bond:

Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . 624 (43.88%)
No. . . . . . . . . . . . . 798 (56.12%)

As of  4/27/2014 there was nothing new or specifically about the May bond in the new amount of 9.45 Million, on the CSD web site...  ..   See below screen print.

Board Chair Charlie O'Neil stated at the TSCC meeting that decisions and details about the NEW building (where it would be etc) would all be decided AFTER the bond.  Select here for information about the TSCC ( Multnomah County Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission ) Meeting in Corbett Schools for the May Bond:


AS OF MAY 5th - The district hosted a presentation of architectural renderings of what the district MAY look like. See below notes from community member Karina Lande.


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« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 08:50:56 AM »

Notes Courtesy of Karina Lande - Shared on the Corbett Area and Corbett SOS Facebook pages:



Here are the basics of the concept presented by Sonderstrom Architects regarding a possible plan for our campus if the bond passes.

New High School AND New science building AND an addition to the gym complex, with courtyard in center of all. It seems the bus barn would be torn down but not replaced (as was stated a priority by the board previously to have a new one).

This possible plan is quite different then what was said before placing the bond on the ballot. We never heard any mention of a separate science building, labs were supposedly the reason for that extra 10,000 sq feet on the high school, and it seems to me people said before they would not support an addition to the gym complex and they said that is why they didn't include it in this bond.

This also grows the size from the current 15,000 sq feet to 35,000 sq feet, an addition of 20,000 sq feet to our campus, more then double what we currently have that services 1400 many will this house??

Details are below but in my note format from meeting as I'm short on time to go into detail. I was unable to get any copies of images as it was a power point presentation but I did email the architect asking for some to share, and will do so if I receive them.

New Science building - 2 large classrooms/labs & prep/teacher room between.

Addition to gym - New locker rooms added & team/office spaces (all added to south of gym). Space under gym to be temporarily (?) set up as 7 classrooms during construction. Then converted to storage.

New HS building in front. Entry office & reception. Faculty room & work room. Athletic office. Plus 16 classes

Up stairs has open study space & 2 sets of restrooms. Backside recessed porch & steps down to courtyard. Possible out door classroom space.

Up date breezeway with glass for weather protection.

Sqft HS = 25,000 total # of classrooms 16 @ 30 kids each

Sqft science building 5,000
2 labs/classrooms plus prep & storage areas

Sqft of gym addition 5,000 - (2,500 sqft x 2 levels). Current downstairs turned into 7 classrooms.


VRF heat system & logic package
Super insulated
water saving fixtures

* As a reminder here is what was put out to the community with the implication these are the things being considered. Notice no mention of a separate science building or an addition to the gym. Also note the emphasis on the bus barn replacement and upgrades to MPB building, that now seem to not be happening. I wonder if some things were included to keep the amounts up in order to afford this "new" idea. Another bait & switch? But it's not a blank check right? We really have no control over what we may or may not get if the bond passes with such a vague plan they can change anytime. "


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