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Author Topic: Bob Dunton Confirms Superintendent Trani's Affair With a Staff Member via Email  (Read 37540 times)
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« on: February 15, 2014, 01:23:28 PM »

The below email is just part of the many emails Bob Dunton has been sending to his Charter Families since the decision at the special board meeting February 11, 2014 produced a vote of 5-2 NOT to renew the Charter's lease agreement. For the other emails select here:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bob Dunton <>
Date: Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Subject: President's Day, Professional Ethics and Stuff
To: Bob Dunton <>

Dear Friends,

No School on Monday.  President's Day.  I would, of course, prefer to have school on schedule, but there it is.

Part 1:  This has been an interesting few days.  The latest news is that the District will vote on Wednesday to allow all of the current charter students to attend Corbett through open enrollment. I hope that you will all remember to apply, especially if you don't plan to attend next year.

The State legislature has been so troubled in the past regarding 'Cherry Picking' lotteries that they have amended the Open Enrollment law to prohibit specification of where students come from. When I told Randy (my new motto is 'No honorifics without honor.') that this was the case he said that nobody at ODE seems to be clear about it, so he's going to do it anyway.  The problem with that theory is that ODE isn't the law, and their lack of knowledge doesn't invalidate the law.  What happens if an illegal lottery is challenged in court and the court decides against the District in August?

Part 2:  The District is now crying 'Unity'.  They should be asking for amnesty.  But since unity is the thing, here's a unity story.  The details of this story were confirmed by Randy in an open staff meeting.  There are no rumors here:

Remember the "I heart Randy" bumper stickers from last year?  Did you notice how suddenly they seemed all to disappear on the same day?  I remember the day.  It was the day that Randy announced to the staff (who feigned utter surprise!) that he was having an affair with a married subordinate and that he had relieved her of her teaching duties so that she could assume a variety of positions in the District Office.  (She was to be responsible for Communications and College 'Coaching'.)  Her college coaching services, by the way, have excluded Corbett Charter Students in spite of the fact that the Charter's professional college counselor (note the difference) has worked with Charter and Corbett School kids without discrimination.

When Randy had made his tearful announcement (one can't really say 'confession', because we have been treated to the spectacle of the ongoing affair day after day since then), the room split into two groups.  One group left, experiencing everything from outrage to simple nausea.  The other group, consisting largely of the same people who testified against the charter school at the last board meeting, lined up to hug and console Randy.

Those who didn't kiss the ring that day faced the wrath of those who did.  District teachers who raised questions about professional ethics were quickly shut down.  All of the insiders, particularly those union members who have bought property in Corbett, and who have kids in Corbett's preschool or at the special Springdale program (sorry, charter kids, no room for you there!), policed the people who were too blind or too new to the District to see that Randy was a 'flawed hero'. (I swear to you that this is the phrase they use!).  Those people dread more than anything changes in the status quo or outside influences.

I was openly disdainful of this clear breach of every professional code of ethics ever written, to include that particular one written for Oregon educators.   That pretty much sealed the deal on the need to be rid of me.  After 15 years, Randy's affair made my presence a threat to world peace. And because there is no law against lying to a school board...well, you already know the rest.

The Corbett School Board has sat on its collective hands while the Chair has insisted that the affair is somehow private.  This in spite of the fact that access to the superintendent has been severely curtailed this year.  (A district teacher mentioned to me the other day that there had been a Randy sighing in the high school for the first time in weeks!)

Corbett School is Randy Trani.  Randy Trani is Corbett School  He has opened his arms and his office to you (if you can find him alone.)  He wants your children.  What's not to trust?

Part 3:  What We Do.  And don't do.

I am a teacher.  I have a knack for attracting really good teachers to work for me.  My greatest job strength is my ability to organized people, time and other resources in such a way as to allow teachers to do magnificent work.  I facilitate good results.

I teach six hours a day, which I suspect is  as much as the entire Corbett School District administrative team combined.  I am the communications specialist, and aside from the support of our college counselor, who comes in for two hours mosts week, I do the college work with 50 Corbett Charter students.  It is fair to say that I perform at least three functions any one of which is considered a full-time job somewhere else.

Your teachers perform similarly Herculean tasks (They are heroes without the ethical 'flaw'.)

What your teachers and I have in common is that our work and our livelihoods have been purposefully put at risk by the ring kissers.  Our staff is under siege, betrayed by those who now want "Unity in Corbett". Because among my staff are some of the finest teachers in the State, many of them are being wooed by the ring kissers.  Their work environment is frequently hostile. Also, their astonishment over Corbett School District's ethical disability eventually wears on a person.

Some parents have asked for reassurances from myself and the teachers in the form of some sort of Corbett Charter Rally.  While I understand parents being concerned about what is going on, my staff members have careers, mortgages, rent payments, car payments, spouses to worry about.  I am going to argue that we are in a situation where parents hold all of the cards and it is teachers who need support.

The only rally that they need in this time of Trani-created crisis is the real support of the charter community actively taking the side of Corbett Charter School.

Your teachers need for Corbett Charter School parents to notify me of their intent not to be bullied by Trani.  This is done in strict confidentiality unless you say otherwise.  The response has already been overwhelming, but I'm looking for unanimous.  You are irreplaceable only if you choose to be.  You don't need to allow your children to be treated like coupons redeemable at the Oregon Department of Education unless you choose to.  That's one rally.

You can rally by using up every single slot in the upcoming open enrollment.  Own the lottery. That's Rally number two.

If you feel a need for physical community, you can attend the Corbett School District Board meeting on Wednesday night and let them know what you think of their playing Catan with your children as the game pieces.  Attend.  Wear a red shirt.  Wear a button or a name tag.  Make an 8x11 placard.  What should it say?  Who knows.  How about ED with one of those European circles with a slash through it (for NOT).  What's ED?  Ethical Dysfunction.  How about an Anti-Bullying message.  Who could argue with that?  Or just a sign or button that says $6500.00, or some multiple depending on how may children you have.  How about 'Tolerance > Unity' or
"Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers'... you know, if you have a really big button.

If you feel uneasy, imagine what it's like to work in the service of your children right now.  Our teachers did a magnificent job under fire last week.  They will do a magnificent job every day that they are allowed to have classrooms full of students.  I know that  you are nervous.  But you have the power to fix it.  They don't.

You simply cannot need for your teachers to help you through this troubled time. It is they who need you.  They are busy serving your children.  Today the ball is in your court.  Rally for your teachers.  Rally for your children.  Rally against bullies.  Rally privately, through an email, or publicly in the next Board meeting.  It's entirely up to you.  

As for me, I've been rallying in the same cause for over 25 years, since my days as a math teacher for Job Corps.  Although I've never seen such a disgraceful disregard of all ethical and and educational considerations in the decision-making of a school board or an administration, I have seen worse days than these in other respects.  I'm fine.  But I'm busy doing those things that no-one else in a position to do.  I'm working on real estate, property development, legal challenges, political organizing.  I need the discretion to make my own schedule and to prioritize my own time.  I regret any hard feelings that might result, but I encourage that any hard feelings not be wasted where they won't do any good.

Corbett School District is Randy Trani. That should create some hard feelings.  Think on that, then prioritize your time and energies as seems best to you.

Thank you for the unmitigated joy of working with your children.


Bob Dunton, Director
Corbett Charter School


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