Mallard Ducklings For Sale


My mallard hen hatched out 10 ducklings on 5/8. All healthy one week later but I only want to keep two. So I have 8 for sale. I'll only sell a minimum of 2 since they are social birds.

So 3 for $20, 5 for $35, or all 8 for $45.

They all have the same drake as father (classic green head mallard), but some were from my other hen. She was dumb enough to lay eggs in the same nest. They were all able to fly before I clipped their wings. These ducklings will start flying around the yard in 7-8 weeks unless you clip their wings, which is easy to do. I bought the parents as ducklings a year ago at Coastal.

Craigslist posting here:

These are gone, someone westside wanted them.  I may have some adult mallard ducks if anyone is interested this summer.


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