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Author Topic: Community Meeting about CSD  (Read 2258 times)
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« on: December 29, 2010, 12:43:16 PM »

Posted for the community by request:

Hello All,
Gary and I have gotten the Grange for a meeting place on Wednesday the fifth starting at 6 pm for the community to gather and work together to get information out each other, hand out petitions for those who want to walk their neighborhoods and gather signatures to stop the loan,  see who would like to go with me to the Secretary of State's auditors office regarding getting the independent audit we are interested in, and see what can of solutions we can come up with to meet the budget "gap". 
Also, if we want to get a slow down on starting a second charter or expanding the one we have prior to getting the financial information we are asking for we need to come up with some ideas for this, along with the year round, "block" pattern of schooling that is being proposed by the current administration.
I understand that the "ideal" number that was tossed out at the last meeting was 1,500 kids in the district to run the schools as Dr. Trani would like, but we need to have a chance to decide if that is ideal for the community.  And what do we do if we think bringing in around 900 out of area kids would do to the community? 
Please pass on the information to your friends and neighbors, especially those with younger kids.  Did they want their children going to a small school, or a large one?  What was the reason they chose Corbett as a school district?  Ask them, see if you can get them to come.  And, what does the school district plan to ask the citizens of the community to do to provide for the additional students.  Out of area kids don't bring in tuition, property taxes or money for improvements or repairs.  What does the community feel is a break even point for the school & the community? 
Anyway, some questions that we need to think long term about, not just the short term. 
Hope to see All of You on the 5th, along with whomever you bring/ invite.

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