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Author Topic: Safety Meeting Notes 2-6-2019  (Read 513 times)
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Safety Meeting Notes 2-6-2019

Grange:  There will be several events coming to the Grange, including season two of the series Conversations at the Grange.   Please check out the website.

Corbett Water District:
  On February 19 at the 6:30 the monthly board meeting will be held at the fire hall.  They will be starting the annual budget process soon, should take two months to finish.  All meetings are public. 
There will be some community awareness and education programs starting in March at the Grange.  The kick off meeting will be announced once they have the date finalized. 
The well that is being discussed will be located off Deverell and will be approximately 1,200 feet deep which will get it below all other aquifers in use by neighboring wells. 
The meter replacement process is going smoothly.  All meters are being changed out and Chris Dials Contracting is helping with this project.  Currently they are half way, 600-650 finished, with very few hiccups.  Should be completed by the end of February.
The website will be adding "Frequently Asked Questions" as a segment soon, this will address issues like the recent 10" pipe break.

Citizen's Patrol:  With the severe winter weather there will be some people looking for shelter.  You can call 211 for more information.
Deputy Kaiser is the new head of Citizen's Patrol.  He is here to assist Deputy Graziano with the program as the program is looking to expand into the Fairview area.  Vetting of the project has started.
Training has begun regarding preparation for Emergencies -  focusing on disasters - mostly in terms of earthquakes.

Historical Society:  Will have their general meeting with potluck on February 12,2019.

ODOT:  The crews are in winter maintenance mode. 
The Congestion Mitigation study is continuing but on hold with the government shut down.  Limitations exist regarding parking spots, you are required to have five miles between lots of 200.  The road can hold the traffic, parking appears to be the issue.
Oneonta Tunnel is having studies done on it for stability and to get a better idea of required repairs.  Crews are doing soundings to see how the bolts and "shot crete" are holding up.
Agencies are stepping in and helping each other out during the furlough. 
ODOT may now remove the abandoned travel trailers left on their property.  The Troutdale bridge and East Sandy have been seeing trailers dumped .  They are now tagging and removing them.  Jordan Road is blocked off now and that is helping with the situation.
They can also call for tows but must stay until the vehicle is removed, same as MCSO.
Graham Road construction will be starting soon.  Lower speed limits will be in place.
Discussion on the one way pilot project on the Historic Columbia River Highway is continuing, it may be placed on hold through the summer.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office:  The morning started with a call regarding a naked man on the Stark Street Bridge.  The person was contacted. There are 13 recruits in the academy.  The procedure manual for Citizen's Patrol is being updated since they will need to be adding a section for the Fairview coverage.  The manual has grown to over 70 pages.
An investigation into the roll over accident at Bridal Veil ended with the owner being found safely at home. 

MF Volunteer:  There is a new, very detailed Search and Rescue approved map for the Wahkeena Falls trail available.   A slide occurred behind the jersey barrier at Oneonta Gorge, make sure you stay on the approved trails. 

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