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Author Topic: Lucas Road Grow  (Read 5676 times)
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« on: August 12, 2017, 12:09:14 PM »


For the record: The noise began around 7/26/2017 and was 24-7.
As of about noon on 8/11/2017 it seemed to have mitigated but that was short lived and the sound (and diesel smell) is still a major concern for neighbors.

The county noise ordinance
(refer to 15.268-)

* From Rocky (Deputy Graziano):
The OLCC (oversees the pot grows) has said their office does not enforce this particular issue (noise). There's some unclear language pertaining to this and it seems there's an exception (section F) for "sounds caused by...agricultural...organizations during their normal operations."  Deputy Graziano has emailed our East County District Attorney to ask for her interpretation of this...mainly, is a grow op considered an "agricultural organization" that would make it exempt? Hopefully, this will all get resolved via Land Use however.[/i]

Contact information for Lucas at the time

Site Construction Manager:
Barry Brautman
* He gave permission to share this information.

Former/original Property owner of this operation:
Jeff Froug

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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2018, 04:57:42 AM »

For those not aware, in addition to being allowed to run generators 24/7 since last July (2017), due to inadequate power supply from PGE, the property will soon host tanks to raise Shrimp from Portland Shrimp Company. Here is some follow up to whether or not this qualifies as EFU (exclusive farm use).

"There have been several people asking questions regarding the use of the EFU land as an aquaculture shrimp farm. Here is a clarification letter I received this week on the subject. Below is a portion of the information, the entire letter is attached.

"Since the production of shrimp falls under the jurisdiction of the State Fish and Wildlife Commission it qualifies as a farm use under ORS 215.203(2)(a) and does not have any discretionary approval criteria for this farm use, we have advised Portland Shrimp Co. they may move ahead with their production of salt water shrimp without obtaining conditional use permit approval"

COMMMENT: So does this mean no more public hearings? Also I have attempted to find out who the parent company is but have been unsuccessful is getting that information from the county.

RESPONSE: That is how I read it. They will have to get the land use approval for the structures but unless they want to challenge a set back I would think it would be an over the counter type of permit.
I don't know what they have in their records, but this may be one way to get the parent company information.

Here is some research I did for another person who asked about the background for the company, maybe this will help. I just checked and as five minutes ago the State of Oregon Corporate Division does not have a registration showing.

Family West Holding Company, LLC shows as owning the land and also as current in the Oregon Business registry. Before it was called Family West Holding it was listed as Frougal Holdings, LLC. There are two more Companies under that, F&P Investments LLC with Robert Graham as registered agent and Jeffrey Froug as manager. That now shows with an administrative dissolution as of 2/1/18 but still shows as current. Registry number 1165486-94.

The other company listed under this is 1187157-96, Lucky Karma, LLC with Articles of Organization showing members Ben Mackaness and Melissa Rivera and the registered agent as Up Front Accounting Services Inc. This was changed in December of 2017 to registered agent HBMS Services and the only member shown listed as Scott Dungey out of Tallahasee, FL.
HBMS shows incorporation articles filed on 1/17/18 with Vincent Sliwoski and Meghan Saunders on the documents.

The only thing I find on Up Front Accounting is Leslie Yudin who incorporated in August of 2009 and does not appear to be on any of the documents now.

So, long answer I guess to a short question... it looks like there has been a lot of movement in the companies and some reorganization going on. If they don't have a place to raise the shrimp approved yet by the county they may not have applied for the business license yet, or it may be in the works and just not issued. I did understand this company would have a parent/sister company in another State that has already established a working business model.

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