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Author Topic: Notes from September 2016 Safety Meeting  (Read 1200 times)
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Corbett Safety Meeting September 7, 2016

Commander Reiser:  MCSO:  Two days in August (8/25-8/26) were very busy for Search and Rescue with three events going. 
Speeding is still an issue in Corbett and surrounding areas, if you could get the plates and description of the vehicles to call in to the non-emergency number that would help with getting patrols in needed areas.
Portland did a homeless outreach on the Springwater trail on September first.  Many have moved on to other locations but haven't shown up at 1,000 acres.  If you run into a camp and can get the GPS coordinates please send them to Deputy Graziano so he can do outreach.

Kent Kalsch:  ODOT:  They have been doing in-water work from Shepards Dell to Latourell Falls to deal with erosion issues under the road.  They are looking at catch basins at Latourell to help with erosion.
Crews are doing fall brushing and spot spraying, catching up with winter work now that the heavy congestion is done.

Chris Voss:  MultCo Emergency Management:  Great Shake Out is in October, working on communications drill after the main drill to see how everything worked.

Commissioner McKeel
:  Multnomah County:  Oregon Solutions Project having a project meeting the first week in October, see how things went, what is the next step. 
Looking at an approval date for the Comprehensive Plan, this hasn't been done since 1997.
Portland Vet stand-down this Friday, next one will be mid-October in Troutdale.

Dave Flood:  Fire Chief District #14:  July the district responded to 44 calls, in August there were 47, this is down from 2015.
Fire fighters responded to the trail fatality on August 26, those are hard calls on everyone.
Crews are doing wildfire and swift water drills, one of the drills was held up at Red Elder and Hemlock, this is considered a challenging area. 
Backyard burning is open.
There have been ten applicants make it into the academy, three will be able to increase our Paramedics availability, there will be agility training on Wednesday.
Corbett is working more with Gresham and Cascade Locks, there is a good working relationship between the Districts.
Recent radio purchase was $125,000, but this brings the District up to current requirements, last purchase was 15 years ago so it was time.

Barb Adams:
  Friends of the Sandy River Delta:  From 9-12 on the eighteenth there will be a meeting of the Sandy River Delta Confluence project. 
There will be a hike on the tenth to the bird blind.

Don Pfister:  Multnomah County Roads:  The grinder will be on Corbett Hill when available.  The mowing this fall could be hit and miss, both are currently down.  The chip seal on Larch is done for the year.
Service calls may be made to 503 988-5050 if you see an issue you'd like to report.

Mark Stevenson:  State Parks: Crews are switching to maintenance mode with the visitors leaving.
Kayaking tours were a huge success and they are wrapping up this year while looking at possibly adding more opportunities next year.
Interpretive staff will be staying on a little longer, but seasonal workers are being reduced.
Latourell trail project will start next week, repaving parts but at no time will the access be completely closed.  There may be temporary shut downs, or re-routing, but you'll be able to get through.
Thank you to the Citizen's Patrol for all their help with the stargazing events. 
Shuttle had some bumps to start but got smoothed out and was very well received by the public.

Ron Cannon:  Citizen's Patrol:  School is going again, Slow Down! 
Pioneer Picnic will be September 11 at 10 a.m. at Glenn Otto Park.  Meeting starts at 11a.m. with lunch for $6.  You can also get your picture taken with a Model A truck, picnic should run until 2 or 3 p.m.

Kathy Fruend:  Historical Society:  yard sale on 9/17 at the site for the new Museum.  This will help cover expenses going forward.

Dave Mysinger
:  NEMCCA:  the Kiwanis and NEMCCA will be hosting the Veteran's Appreciation Breakfast this year.  Keep it in mind to attend and support your Vets.

Deputy Graziano:
  MultCo Sheriff's Office:  Citizen's Patrol has a cooperative agreement with the County, if the CP can purchase the ambers lights for the top of the vehicle the County will have them installed.  Looking for anyone interested in donating to help make this possible.
Troutdale has expressed an interest in starting a Citizen's Patrol, he'll be talking with them about possibly getting a program started down there.
Speed trailer needs batteries replaced, it will be back in service very soon.

Notes are posted to help keep the community informed on what is happening in our area, or issues that may affect our area.  Please let me know if there are any questions, or errors, or if you would like more information. 
Thanks, Victoria
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