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Author Topic: Multnomah County Accessory Dwelling meeting  (Read 1760 times)
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« on: October 07, 2016, 01:33:58 PM »

A message on "Corbett Area" ( a closed Facebook group ) written by Victoria Purvine on October 5 at 5:45pm

I attended the Multnomah County Accessory Dwelling meeting on Monday night and wanted to give an update for those who could not make it. (This is my take-away from the meeting and some follow up questions after the Safety meeting today. Official notes should be on the County's website.)

There was a good turn out, with people voicing support or non-support, but there seemed to be some confusion over the purpose of the meeting. This was not about if we think the ordinances regarding ADU's are good or not, the State dictates the "one dwelling per one property" rule.

The meeting was about clarifying the way the current ordinance (started in the mid-1950's) is written, hoping to make it easy for someone who is reading it at 10pm to know what they can do if oing for a Type 1 or Type 2 application, and also to make it easier for the staff to let you know if your application can be taken over the counter with an approximate 30 day turn around, or a longer review process.

If you are building an accessory unit, no interior walls, appliances, plumbing, etc you would be looking at a Type 1, over the counter as long as you meet the 2,500 sq ft total accessory unit regulation.
If you want a: kitchen appliance, toilet, sink, greater sq ft obtions, the process will kick over to a Type 2. The review process is more detailed, would take longer and could involve notifying your neighbors of the proposed plan and give them time to comment or challenge the proposal.

As far as it was explained, the only change is if you put in a toilet it must be in the downstairs of a two story building, not on the second story.
There is a covenant that is going to be included for those building the accessory units to sign stating they know this is not for dwelling purposes. This will be on record so future buyers will know the acceptable use of the building.

The verbal public record was closed at the end of the meeting, written record will be taken until 5pm on October 24th. You can send your comments to If you want to call and talk to a planner the number is 503-988-0168.

Code enforcement is an issure for a future meeting, the Planning Director would like to have a public open house after the first of January in Corbett regarding what is current code, what are violations, and the process. Also asking for any changes the community would like to see regarding code enforcement process. (ie: currently complaint driven vs code enforcement officer doing inspections on projects).
The notice that went out was not in regards to any one person's property, it was not to say those who got the notice have been turned in or are violating the code. By law the County must send out notices to ALL property owners that are affected by any ordinance or ruling changes.

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