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Author Topic: Safety Meeting Notes March 2, 2016  (Read 1922 times)
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March 2, 2016
Safety Meeting Notes

Tim Burke:  Multnomah County Roads
It has been a bad year for potholes but the County has recently purchased a "hot box" machine for repairs.  This will allow them to get away from the cold patching, which isn't working.
Vegetation mowing will be starting with the improved weather.
Chip sealing will start in July, currently scheduled is:  Larch Mt mile post 5-7, Haines Road one mile in from Larch, Kerslake Road to Bridge on Stark.
Corbett Hill will be finished up this year.
The County is actively removing hazardous trees, you can see them marked with the pink ribbons.

Sylvia Maly:  Kiwanis
Key Club will be cleaning the roadways in April from Mershon road to Evans, and Vista House to Latorell.  They try to do this three times a year and could use more adults to help with the project. 
Give the kids a wave when you see them out working, and please contact Sylvia if you would like to volunteer.

Dave Flood:  Fire District #14 Fire Chief
They have been busy this month.  One barn and one shop fire.  The fire district is working with the water district to get the fire hydrants done.

Chris Voss:  Multnomah County Emergency Management
There has been a Federal Declaration on FEMA dollars, please call if you want to find out if you can get assistance.  The Federal assistance is running around $.75 per $1.00 and they have opened the window for damage done between December 6 - December 26, 2015.  This assistance is strictly for public, they denied the personal assistance.
However, the State is appealing that decision.  There is a low possibility of that being changed.
State is cutting grants right now, the reduction will be by 50% and this will affect personnel and staffing.

Ron Cannon:  Citizen's Patrol
Job Corp is becoming even more active with the patrol.  They had some graduate, but got some new ones and the learning is going both ways.  They are a great bunch of kids. 

Barb Adams: Friends of the Sandy River Delta
The members will be putting some rock on the trails soon. The members donate about $1,000 a year toward rock and every year the trails are getting better because of the work done by the members. 
Puppies and Ponies Education will be done in June.  This is a great opportunity to introduce dogs and ponies and educate owners on the best way to interact with each other.
Citizen's Patrol has been wonderful helping with this event every year.  Thank you.

Victoria Purvine:  Oregon Solutions Project member
There will be a meeting at the Grange on the 29th at 6:30pm for the public to come and hear what is being suggested for the Old Scenic Highway from the Vista House to Ainsworth State Park. 

Any suggestions for the group prior to the meeting so they can address the concerns?
a.  Could the length of buses and recreational vehicles be restricted?
b.  Focus on eliminating some parking, not just bring in more on bus services.
c.  Have cars get reservations to help control the amount of traffic.
d.  Get trail park passes?
e.  Need place to park emergency vehicles.
f.  What about private flaggers to keep traffic moving at Multnomah Falls?
After the meeting some concerns were brought up regarding lack of bathroom facilities, septic systems being at capacity and "clean up" that is being required by private and public property owners.  Currently the committee is looking at short term fixes that can be done before the current 100 year anniversary traffic arrives.  Mid-term and Long-term fixes are also being considered, so please come to the Grange meeting for more information.

Victoria Purvine:  Multnomah County Charter Review Committee
If you have any questions please let me know.  Been learning a lot and would be happy to talk with anyone who has questions or comments.

Glenn Littrell:  Oregon State Parks
Ainsworth State Park will open on March 11, 2016.
Vista House will open from 9-4 daily starting on March 14, 2016.  The damaged wall is being repaired.
The day use parks are being prepared for opening and should be ready by the end of the month.

Commissioner Diane McKeel:  Multnomah County District #4
The Board of County Commissioners approved forwarding the ballot for the funding of the Historical Society to the levy at their last meeting. 
They had a briefing on Capital projects, with the goal of getting the Sheriff's Office out of the Hanson building for health and safety.
The opening of the new VA out-patient clinic in Fairview will be March 3, 2016 at 10am. 

Lindsey Nesbitt:  Multnomah County Planning
They are working with the City of Portland to get a re-inventory of the permit database.  This is being done alphabetically by street.
The Planning Commission heard testimony on February 8, 2016 and their recommendation will be going before the Board at the March meeting.
The planning desk will be opening again on Friday, so you can get help Tues-Friday from 8-4.

Jim Jans:  Corbett Water District
Corbett Water district has been working with Multnomah County to get permits, they just got their permits to install 400 feet of waterline replacement on Hurlburt Road near the old guardrail that has been in question.
The new water main will be an 8" line, up from the current 4".  This will improve flow from Littlepage to Henkle Road.
Shanti Burns has been named Office Manager of the Year by the Oregon Association of Water Districts.

Bob  Reymond:  Citizen's Patrol
Looking forward to the VA opening in Fairview.
Also wanted to bring up for the Oregon Solutions, people are parking over the fog lines and while they're not blocking traffic, they are forcing some vehicles over into the on-coming lane and causes people to walk in the roads.  Would it be possible to get some one from MCSO or FS to write citations.  The Citizen's Patrol can do warnings, but not write tickets. 
Heard that some of the School Resource Officer's will be moved into the Gorge for the summer, that would be great, has anyone else heard anything?

Dave Thomsen:  Multnomah County Health Code Enforcement
The issue with the home at the bottom of Alex Barr has been resolved.  All in all it has been a good month, illegal dumping has mainly been in the Springwater Corridor. 
After January 1, 2016 this department will be adding the enforcement of rules on: marijuana, vapping, hooka, e-cigarettes based on the State's Clean Indoor Air Act.

Dave Mysinger:  Forest Service
The Visitor's Center will be trying an electronic reader board for visitors to be kept up to date on conditions of trails.  This will be in front of the counter for ease of use for visitors.

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