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 on: July 21, 2017, 05:42:06 PM 
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The attached (and below) letter was submitted to the Corbett School District by Melanie Aho. It was also read in part at the regular school board meeting in July.

June 19, 2017

Dear Board Members,

My name is Melany Aho. I was raised in Corbett, I graduated from Corbett High School, and I chose to stay and raise my children in this community. I am the lucky parent of 4 amazing children who all attend school here. I have been a licensed elementary school teacher for 20 years and I know first-­‐ hand what an important and challenging job teaching is. I am vested in the success of this school and this community.

I am writing regarding the current litigation our district is facing. I met the mother who is placing the law suit several years ago because our daughters are friends. I’ve completely trusted this mother with the care of my child at birthday parties and playdates. I have come to respect the way she parents and I have witnessed her raising her children with love and wisdom. When I heard about the lawsuit, I spoke with her directly because I wanted to hear her side of the story first hand. I was shocked when I heard through the paper and radio about this lawsuit, but even more so after speaking with the mother and witnessing the pain a broken family brings. The fact her family’s suffering is direct result of actions made by employees of our school district and inaction by our administration is horrible. It is a shame the actions of a few reflect so badly on the many teachers that do a wonderful job every day.

Members of this Board and Administration have stated this family is only suing for the money and that it is a “family issue, not a district issue.” If that is the case:

• Then school staff shouldn’t have taken the action they did or been involved and this wouldn’t have happened at school. The fact that school staff was involved and much of this did happen at school makes this undoubtedly a school issue.

• If it was truly about money, the Family would not have provided the Administration a list of remedies to the situation back in December prior to the law suit.

The Family is suing the District because what was done to them was completely wrong and should never happen to another family in the future. I call their actions showing “conviction” and doing what is right even when others don’t. I would only hope I would have the courage to take the same action if I was in their shoes. It is disturbing to me that this happened months before I heard about it and the teacher involved finished the school year without suspension and is still allowed to teach my children next year. This has caused a lack of trust which is unfair to every district employee who is doing an amazing job. Parents are taking their children out of Corbett as a direct result of the Administration and Board’s inaction. It needs to be rectified immediately and due to the Administration’s inaction it is now the School Board’s responsibility to take action and insure our children’s safety.

My concerns as a parent of 4 students attending CSD:

I am very concerned that some of the teacher(s) and staff who have direct contact with my own children have made such poor choices. My own children have experienced the poor choices of Administration and some teachers at CAPS in the past with inappropriate books, politically charged PG-­‐13 movies when they were in elementary school without my knowledge, and music they were exposed to directly from their teachers (Our children’s 3-­‐5 homeroom teacher was amazing and is no longer an employee of the district) and the staff. After my husband met with the administration and teachers and they defended they their actions, we didn’t trust that any change would occur and our children are no longer attending CAPS. Trust is everything when it comes to our children.

As a result of this pattern of behavior, I can’t help but wonder what some of the Corbett District employees feel they have a right to...

• do to my children? (take them from me without my permission?)

• say to my children? (the last presidential election comes to mind and the inappropriate words and opinions of some teachers)

• share with my children? (Personal details, experiences, or advice to groom them away from how they were raised or their personal beliefs)

• give to my children? (Religious pamphlets? Books written for young adults when they are 11?)

I am very concerned that the Administration has taken no obvious disciplinary action toward the teacher and staff involved with this case. Even worse, providing legal counsel in their defense. I need to know our districts administration is strong enough to stop something from happening that is wrong. I need to know the administration will not look the other way when an employee makes poor choices.

I am concerned the school board has taken no disciplinary action toward the superintendent who made very poor choices regarding the wishes of the family involved with the lawsuit and showed a lack of leadership and sound judgement when he didn’t put his staff that was involved on administrative leave.

As a Teacher:

*If I had concerns about a student’s treatment at home, it is my legal responsibility as a mandatory reporter to report my concerns to Children’s Services ASAP. This is also the responsibility of all district classified staff, coaches, and volunteers of school sponsored clubs to report suspected abuse. (In this case, no reports were submitted until after a teacher hid a student from the parents.)

*I would never meddle with how parents choose to raise their children.

*I would never tell my students any personal, political, social, or religious beliefs. Even worse attempt to persuade them in any of these directions.

*I would never hand a child a suicide hotline card without follow-­‐up by contacting the parents, Children’s Services and/or a counselor to discuss my concerns and ask how I could help the situation.

*I would never aid a student to run away from home. If I did find myself in a situation, I would communicate with parents, school administration and/or police to find a solution. (The teacher involved helped orchestrate the runaway and purposely kept the student from parents and police.)

*I would never disregard my responsibilities as a teacher even if the student was a close friend of my child. A teacher’s responsibilities as a professional must come first.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. We all know that we can get fired from our jobs due to choices we make inside and outside of our workplace. When it comes to our children and those who are in authority over them, trust is everything. Everything. Actions here have caused mistrust.

I am really hoping (expecting) you, our school board members, will take actions that will show you are putting our children and family’s rights first, not a teacher or administrator that have shown very poor judgement. I don’t just want to support this school district, I need to be able to trust and support it, as my children are my priority. As I said, I am vested in the success of this school and I still hope it will be the center of our community one day, not something that divides us. Everything considered, I don’t trust our district can be successful under the current leadership.

Thank you for your time. I trust you to show conviction and do what is right.

Melany Aho

 on: July 17, 2017, 05:44:54 PM 
Started by lori santulli - Last post by lori santulli
 I have excellent references, and my service is personalized to meet your individual needs. I use a Miele vacuum and provide all natural soaps etc.
 Reasonable rates with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduling. for more info. please call Lori @ 503-723-6449 or e-mail:

 on: July 14, 2017, 09:31:53 AM 
Started by Victoria - Last post by Victoria
Come out on August 4th from 5:30 to 8:00 to mingle with your friends and neighbors - and maybe put a face to the name that you see on facebook posts!

Local Fire Department #14 is doing a demonstration of their airbag lift on one of the vehicles, and will have a chance for kids to put out a "fire" at their booth.  The Corbett Water District offers a chance for everyone to challenge family and friends in a balloon toss.  Multnomah County Land Use Planning and Transportation will attend this year and will be bringing a sweeper and a vector for everyone to explore.  Corbett Citizen's Patrol has been warming up to compete in the cornhole toss and plenty of events will be demonstrated by our Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.  Come meet your new Multnomah County Representative Lori Stegmann and Sheriff Mike Reese.

Location: Corbett Grade School  - E. 35800 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Corbett, OR 97019

If you'd like to volunteer, donate or have any questions please contact Victoria Purvine (503) 695-2182 or Kathryn Green (503) 504-6418.

 on: July 07, 2017, 08:10:40 PM 
Started by erthnet - Last post by erthnet
I'm looking for an 18HP+ tractor with loader, preferably diesel.

Does not need to be running.

If you happen to be looking for a ~4,500sq-ft post & beam barn, I'd be happy to talk trades.

 on: July 07, 2017, 10:43:31 AM 
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USE MODERN EQUIPMENT (new engine arrives in the fall)

” I was extremely impressed by the volunteer firemen (from Corbett)..who were quick to get here! Everyone was extremely friendly, calming, and helpful. So I want to say thank you to the firemen and EMT’s”
- Nancy Swan…Facebook-3/28/17

" I had a chimney fire once and the response was five trucks within two minutes. Amazing."
- Michelle Prohoroff..Facebook-3/28/17

 on: July 06, 2017, 07:45:27 AM 
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See the crime report below attached in blue.

The Sheriff's Office Citizen Patrol volunteer unit  has a new website with information and photos about the program:
If you have problems opening the crime log, Adobe Reader may not be installed on your computer.  To download Adobe Reader go to:  and click "download".

 on: July 02, 2017, 10:09:22 PM 
Started by Sound Equine Options - Last post by Sound Equine Options
Want to learn how you can get hands-on with SEO’s horses? Come to our next New Volunteer Orientation at our training facility in Troutdale and learn how you can help clean stalls, groom and get involved in other SEO programs.

Sign up to attend our August 5, 2017 (1pm-2:30pm) New Volunteer Orientation



 on: June 22, 2017, 08:05:32 AM 
Started by Victoria - Last post by Victoria
On Sunday, July 9th there will be a race starting at 7:30 am from the Corbett school, heading out along the Historic Columbia River Highway, going right up Larch Mountain Road, and finishing up at the summit of Larch around 2:00 pm.
Please be patient and plan your route accordingly!

 on: June 16, 2017, 01:41:05 PM 
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Multnomah County launches online app for road maintenance requests

YourGOV app makes citizen requests and work management more efficient


Multnomah County has introduced a new online and mobile application that allows community members to conveniently report non-emergency road maintenance issues and service requests using the web or a smartphone.


In just three steps, YourGOV users can report common road service issues — such as potholes, vandalism, street light outages and more — complete with location, details and photos. Once submitted, YourGOV will automatically deliver requests to the county’s Road Maintenance staff where they are reviewed and routed for proper handling.

Multnomah County maintains 300 miles of roads in Fairview, Maywood Park, Troutdale, Wood Village and in unincorporated areas.  Later this year, the county plans to allow residents to submit service requests for its five Willamette River bridges in Portland using YourGOV.


YourGOV is being offered free of charge and is available for immediate use.  Visit the YourGOV web-based request portal at


Users of the Apple iPhone™ can download the free YourGOV iPhone app in the iTunes App Store.  Users of Android™ enabled smartphones can download the free YourGOV app in the Google Market or Amazon App Store.  Residents who do not have a smartphone can access YourGOV online at:  Residents who do not have a smartphone or computer, can submit a road maintenance request by calling 503-988-5050.


 on: June 13, 2017, 06:54:32 AM 
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SE Stark Street (from SE Kerslake Road to the Stark Street Bridge over the Sandy River) on Wednesday June 14th.  

Road work ongoing on Stark June 14-19, 8 am to 7 pm.

This work will require a one-day closure of Stark Street on Wednesday, June 14.  The Historic Columbia River Highway is an alternate route. Travelers should use alternate routes when possible to avoid delays on these roads during work days (Monday to Friday). Traffic using side streets and driveways adjacent to the paving may experience brief delays during a rolling closure.

More here;

Multnomah County maintains 300 miles of roads and bridges.  For information, visit or follow us on Twitter @MultCoRoads.


#  #  #

Mike Pullen  |  Multnomah County Communications Office  |  503-209-4111  |  

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