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Title: Garlic mustard dumpster - available starting April 11th
Post by: EMSWCD on April 04, 2014, 01:13:51 PM
EMSWCD will once again provide a dumpster for disposing of pulled and bagged garlic mustard. It will be available starting on April 11th. The dumpster is located on the Historic Highway, in front of the ball field across the street from the Corbett Water District.

The dumpster is marked clearly as GARLIC MUSTARD DUMPSTER. A tracking sheet is located below the dumpster please fill out all of the information requested on the sheet so we can track how much time was spent pulling garlic mustard and where it came from. The dumpster will be available through late June 2014. Please only use this dumpster to dispose of garlic mustard!

Send an email to Lucas ( with any questions. Remember: Re-visit pulled sites frequently to make sure no new garlic mustard plants grow and go to seed.

More information on pulling garlic mustard on our website: (

Information on the garlic mustard dumpster (same info in this post) : (