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Title: Special Board Meeting - Feb 24, 2014 ( "The Letter" )
Post by: on February 24, 2014, 02:28:50 PM


Corbett School District Special School Board Meeting AGENDA
Monday, February 24, 2014 7:00 PM
GS Cafeteria/Board Room

1.    Call to Order/Flag Salute
Presenter: Charlie O'Neil-Board Chairman
Time: 7:00 p.m.    

2.    Introductory Comments
Presenter: Charlie O'Neil-Board Chairman    

3.    Audience Comments    

4.    Correspondence to Corbett Charter School    Action Item
RESOLUTION NO. 110.2-14 - RESOLVED that the Board approve the drafted letter to The Corbett Charter School Board of Directors from the Corbett School District Board of Directors.    

5.    Adjournment

Recap of this meeting:

There were many comments by the audience both from the community and charter asking the board to reconsider the one year lease offer.
Select here for audio and a recap of the meeting:

More information and recent articles and opinion in the paper and as responses to emails sent out here:

Title: Re: Special Board Meeting - Monday February 24, 2014
Post by: on February 25, 2014, 02:17:31 PM
From: Bob Dunton <>
Date: February 24, 2014 at 9:25:06 PM PST
To: Bob Dunton <>
Cc:,  Victoria Purvine <>
Subject: Fwd: Charter Lease Negotiations

Hi, All,

When is a letter not a letter?  When it's an exercise in pure politics aimed at eroding support for the charter school.  I suppose after a point one loses one's capacity for shame.

A couple of quick things:

Below is the email setting up the meeting at which I allegedly 'refused' to negotiate the charter agreement.  I thought that reading it would set your minds at ease.  It raises three questions:

1.  Why did they invite me to negotiate a lease agreement and expect me to be ready to negotiate a charter agreement?
2.  Why would I negotiate a charter agreement while they were attempting to evict us?
3.  When were these people authorized to negotiate the charter agreement?  (Check the board minutes. They weren't.)

This all happened two weeks ago, and they've completely rewritten history to suit their purposes.  They did get one thing right:  I showed up without a team, which was evidently trotted out tonight as yet another instance of me being a bad person. ;)

One more thing, this one regarding the 'warning' that I received from Corbett School District regarding their facilities review. I got an unsigned letter saying that CSD was reviewing property use to maximize benefit to the district. (They evidently didn't think to take public comment on the occasion of sending that letter.  Perhaps a special meeting would have made me take it more seriously!)  It didn't warn me that they were going to make an illegal attempt to evict us in violation of the charter agreement. Had they warned me that they were willing to take illegal action against the Charter School, we would have been in court a long time ago.

Oh, and they didn't present a lease proposal.  They rambled through a bizarre narrative vision of a world that somehow put Randy in charge of Corbett Charter School!  Imagine that!  Corbett Catan!

My apologies to those who sat through yet another round of 'Assassinate the Charter Director'.  It must be getting old for you.  They seem to see slandering me as the only way to justify 'bait and switch' that they are playing at your expense.  I don't mind so much, but it must be hard to watch them play politics with your children's education.

I want you to know that having an entire district school board and its administrators and union leadership repeatedly lie about my job performance and my character isn't, so far as I am aware, affecting my teaching.  I'm enjoying my work immensely and your kids are amazing.

I will be out most of the day tomorrow. I am meeting with a lawyer for the Charter School.  I have a great sub coming in!

Warm Regards,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Randy Trani <>
Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Charter Lease Negotiations
To: Robert Dunton <>

Bob, last night the Board voted to have two Board members and myself meet with you to negotiate a lease agreement.   We will present a proposal.  If you accepted the proposal then the Board would act on it at a special board meeting next Tuesday at 7:00.  If not you could offer a counter proposal to the Board at the Tuesday meeting.

Can you meet with me, Todd, and Tori tomorrow at 3:00 in my office?

Thanks Randy

Randy Trani, Ed.D.
Superintendent Corbett Schools
35800 Historic Columbia River Highway
Corbett, OR 97019
503 261-4201


Bob Dunton, Director
Corbett Charter School

Title: Subject: Trying my Patience
Post by: on February 27, 2014, 05:09:34 AM
Begin forwarded message:

From: Bob Dunton <>
Date: February 26, 2014 at 8:47:30 PM PST
To: Bob Dunton <>
Cc: Victoria Purvine <>, anthony calcagno <>
Subject: Trying my Patience

Dear Friends of Corbett Charter School,

The Corbett School District Board killed two birds with one stone at their most recent 'special' meeting.

First, they got to repeat the character assassination that they originally orchestrated at their regular board meeting (or was that meeting special too?) when they lined up several Corbett employees to slander me with vague accusations of a wide variety of nothing in particular.  That's just business as usual.  But they also used the occasion to attempt to bully Corbett Charter School's volunteer Board.

The vehicle for achieving both of these goals was a letter to the Corbett Charter School Board of Directors (For some reason it had to be read aloud to the entire community!) implying that its members might somehow be held responsible for my correspondence to the Corbett Charter School Community. 

They sent each of your volunteer board members registered copies of the letter that they had already read out loud in public.  Why would they do that? Because registered letters are scary!  They give the appearance of impending legal action.  (This would be ironic indeed, given the illegal action they're attempting of late!)

Really?  Threatening your Board members?  And threatening them because the six angry men read somebody else's mail and didn't like what they saw?  (To their credit, Directors Tori Purvine and Annette Calcagno raised several objections to both the details and the concept of the letter and voted against sending it.)

Why does CSD even care what I write to you?  That's easy.  They care because they see you as their market, their domain, their potential revenue flow.  We wouldn't want to put that at risk.

Attacking charter parents who volunteer to serve on your board is a despicable act: an act of collaborative cowardice.

Back when CSD was only working to slander and intimidate me, I was somewhat exasperated and a little hurt.  But going after the Charter Board?  Are you kidding?  It's far too late, I suppose, to ask whether they 'have no shame', as the saying goes.  "Asked and answered", as the lawyers would say.

Now comes the punch line.  Like a yurt in the East Wind, the CSD Board's letter was poorly planned and, at the end of the day, its execution was what your kids would call 'an epic fail'. 

Corbett Charter School has a Board of Directors, but none of us got the letter.  "Corbett Charter School" is the name under which the Corbett Charter School Association does its business with Corbett School District. Corbett Charter School Association Board of Directors appoints the Director and is the only organization that can be held accountable for the Director's job performance.  Corbett School District's Charter Agreement is with Corbett Charter School Association.  (Those ten letter words will sometimes slip right by unnoticed!)  (I suspected that they hadn't read the document.)

This sad attempt at harassment is just the latest in a long Series of Unfortunate Events that has haunted CSD for the past eighteen or twenty months.  Mostly they've been funny, with some occasional exceptions that could only be called vindictive.

But the attack on your volunteer parent Board is a whole new kind of wrong.

Oh, and for those who wonder how I got 'six' angry men, only five are board members.  One works for them.  And do we want to talk about holding the CSD board accountable for his conduct?  Should we send registered letters?

Enjoy your evening.


Bob Dunton, Director
Corbett Charter School
President, Corbett Charter School Association