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Title: January 2013
Post by: on February 05, 2013, 01:27:04 PM

The Sheriff's Office has been working with the Corbett School District, the Job Corps and some of the area retreat facilities to assist in
offering "Crisis Managment Training" for their staff.  Some of this training will commence as early as next week.  We'll also plan to conduct
walk-thrus, when requested,  to offer  a "Threat Assessment" to assist in managing particular threat issues.   This has been an extensive
process with  involvement from multiple  organizations.

Last week a man attempted to offer two boys a ride and he also threatened to "snuf out" two adults at another location.  The subject was
located by a deputy  near Grange Hall Rd and he was taken into custody.  No weapons were found his car.  The deputy found that the
subject had severe mental issues and that he was a danger to himself and others.  He was lodged at an area hospital on a mental hold.

Two tractors were found abandoned along Curtis Rd.  They were determined to be stolen and they were returned to their owner.   Both
were smaller tractors.  One was red and white and the other was a small, yellow John Deer  "skidster" with a bucket.  If anyone saw these
being used on someone property in the area, please contact Deputy Graziano so we can try to determine who was using them last.

Select the link below in blue to see the crime report.

Thank you.