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Title: Special School Board meeting 11/28/12 - Bond Discussion
Post by: on November 28, 2012, 10:55:19 AM
As listed on the Facebook Corbett Farm and Trade Board today:

Special School Board meeting tonight at the Grade School at 7pm about a new bond that may be coming up after the old one expires in December of 2013. There are lots of changes going on at school. Randy Trani has recently applied with the County to add 500 some or up to 1890 (worst case scenario) students to Corbett Schools.

If this may impact you or your children, please come to the meetings or call some of your School Board Members ( Contact info here: ) and be sure to speak up. Please encourage the School Board Members to involve the community in the decisions being made in our schools. Whether community members are for or against more growth, community involvement will benefit everyone!


More information and background available here: