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Title: A message from Pat Lucas
Post by: on August 31, 2012, 07:32:26 AM
Okay, this will be about my 10th attempt in 7 years and maybe, hopefully this will finally make it to the paper...

August 31, 2012

Dearest friends, family, neighbors, community, team members and families and all USA personnel supporters,

I and my family want to take this time to say thank you. I have been unable to find the words to express the tremendous gratitude and blessing that your faithful kindness and support has been to us. There are no words, so thank you will have to serve although it seems so little.

The stadium is a forever statement and living memorial to Jeff and the countless heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The brick "garden" is the reminder of thankful hearts. Neither gramps, granny or Jeff got to see or experience the dedication from here, but there were lots of signs that day, 4 Sept. 2010, that were a testament to the presence of heaven and I know that Jeff, gramps, and granny were watching, crying and laughing right along with us.

The stadium is a beautiful place of contemplation and peace with such an awesome view of the mountain. It is a place that Jeff would have really enjoyed with Rhonda, Seth and friends. Jeff and Jamie had and have a lot of tales of days "ago" and I especially enjoyed the times of fun and laughter that they let me share with them, and listen in on. Jamie and Jeff had such a special bond and lots of laughter with one another and their friends, I can often hear it in my heart.

Memories are precious to each of us and often all that we have. We do not know when or expect death, we sometimes think we will live forever even though it always comes; so slide in broadside, live your dreams and pay it forward. Always stay grateful. I miss my son and my parents so very much. I am tremendously sad that Jeff and Seth didn't have just a little longer, but we all are here for him and can share stories of his dad, well, not all of them maybe.

I am learning that we are all someone's mom, dad, brother, son, wife, husband, etc. and that the world is a very small place, we are not really alone in any of our experlences so I do and will cherish each of you. I will remain forever grateful and with your help will see it through.

Hopefully, Jeff and Jamie and Seth and all of my family will be as proud of me as I have always been of them. Thank you and forgive me if I sometimes am emotional, or have nothing to say. I play those old days a lot to hopefully keep me grounded, thank you.

Pat Lucas and family

Please do not deface the memorial or ride skateboards on The Jeff Lucas Memorial ( ) or otherwise damage the stadium, realize the sacrifice.

Title: More ....
Post by: on August 31, 2012, 07:34:49 AM
The Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament is Sept 16th at Skamania. Select this link for more:
Jeff would have been 41 years old on the 17th.

For recent news stories about the memorial select here:

Title: The memorial plaque was vandalized
Post by: on August 31, 2012, 07:56:58 AM
A note to the community:

If you have any information about the person(s) who are responsible for scratching the memorial plaque in the last couple days, please come forward.

You can send an anonymous tip by filling out this contact form: or contacting Rocky Graziano, our local resource officer with the Sheriff Department. Here is his information:

Thank you.