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Title: February 2012
Post by: on March 05, 2012, 11:37:55 AM

Hello Corbett Residents and Affiliates,
February was a busy month in Corbett.  We had a burglary that  occurred at the Grange Hall sometime during the night.  A large amount of food was stolen and two old grange master chairs from the 1800s.  At this time we don't have any photos of the chairs.  Another burglary occurred in the evening  in an outbuilding of a residence near the school.  The homeowner  ran out and the burglars ran away.
We also had two domestic issues involving firearms but luckily no one was injured.    The school had fuel stolen from its busses and a storage tank.  Fortunately we were able to identify the suspect.  In another issue, a young man pursued his brother in a car and ran him off the road.
The Citizen Patrol is seeking new members.  If you're interested, please visit and click on the "Citizen Patrol" tab for more information.   Lastly, our Citizen Patrol is piecing together some radios that we'll use for our patrols.   If anyone has some old "RG8" coax cable (about 100 feet or more), we could use it for our project! (tax deductable).   It's about $250 if purchased new.
See below link for the February 2012 Crime Log.
Thank you,

Rocky ( Joe ) Graziano

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