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Title: September 2011
Post by: on November 02, 2011, 09:33:43 AM
This month we've seen quite a few vehicle break-ins again, primarily during the mid-week.  

 Two of our Citizen Patrol members saw suspicious activity outside of the Multnomah Falls gift shop.  A member called the non-emergency number and as they waited for a deputy to arrive, they observed the suspects shoplift merchandise. The arriving deputy was able to arrest one of the remaining suspects.  
We also had 2 burglaries. There were known teenage suspects in one of the burglaries and in the second burglary, the two Gresham suspects were confronted by the victims' neighbors in the front yard. The "bad guys" got in their stolen car and drove around the two neighbors before the 911 system was utilized. Although a deputy was close-by at the time, the bad guys had a head start and they got away. However, after a long and tedious investigation, deputies were able to track down the two suspects and the case is still on hold pending the outcome of some evidence and the district attorney's review.
The Citizen Patrol is accepting applications for new members.   If you're interested please contact Deputy Graziano or visit: and click "Citizen Patrol". There's additional information about the program and the application process. It's a fun way to help the community!   Two of our volunteers donated over 50 hours each in just over a 2-month period this summer, patrolling the gorge area parking lots and trailheads. I think this is a record for our group in such a short period of time considering that we ask for an average of 5 hours/month.   Members are trained to act as additional "eyes and ears" for law enforcement, to report suspicious activities or other issues as needed and to deter vehicle break-ins and other criminal activity through their presence.   Thank you Citizen Patrol!