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Title: School Board Meeting 7-20-2011
Post by: Victoria on July 27, 2011, 07:17:17 AM
The notes are going to have some spots in them, since it is harder to take notes when you are part of the discussion, but this is a report of what my notes show.
The meeting was moved to the Grade School Cafeteria and the pledge of allegiance was not said as no flag was available.  It is believed that the Cafeteria will be the new permanent home of the meetings so this will be corrected.  In attendance: Mark Hyzer, Bob Buttke, Charlie O'Neil, Jeff Aho, Victoria Purvine, Annette Calcagno.  Todd Mickelson had an excused absence.
Minutes from June 15, 2011 were approved, both for the public hearing on the budget and the regular board meeting.
Annette Calcagno and Victoria Purvine were sworn in by Vice Chair Mark Hyzer.  Mark Hyzer was then sworn in by Board member Bob Buttke.  Certificates of election were given to the sworn in members.
A work shop was discussed with the date of August 24, 2011 selected for the date.  This will be when the OSBA representative comes and works with the board.
Policy BA- Board goals and Policy BK- evaluation of Board Operational Procedures was brought up.  Where there any procedures we would like to discuss?
Victoria Purvine would like to discuss updating the Superintendent's evaluation.  The current evaluation form is vague.  Charlie O'Neil said we have kept the evaluation form vague on purpose and the evaluation of the Superintendent is a subjective process.  Victoria Purvine believes we should have easy to track and measure evaluation items and the process should be objective.  Some basic items such as directing the Superintendent to make sure all meetings are posted on the reader board seven days in advance would allow all interested parties to attend and could be marked off as done or not.  You have to be able to measure something in order to evaluate it.  Superintendent Trani said he believes that if you can measure it, it probably isn't worth measuring and if we change the evaluation process to be like "everyone" else's then we'll end up like everyone else.  Jeff Aho said it has been brought up in the past that we need to be more specific on evaluation forms and its only fair to Randy that we have something that is objective to measure him by, its a yardstick for how things are going and takes out the subjective part.  It is a tool for everyone to see how things are going.  Annette Calcagno suggested that some districts use a 360 evaluation which involves not only the board, but the teachers, staff, community and parents to see how everyone feels about the job that is being done.  Charlie O'Neil said that would only get the unhappy people involved because the happy ones wouldn't answer the survey.  Victoria Purvine stated that Springfield was reported as using it every year and the Superintendent has voiced she finds it a very useful tool because the district can see where hot spots are and are warned in advance.  Jeff Aho suggested we look at the evaluation form and make some changes there, while waiting on the 360.  Mark Hyzer suggested we all bring some ideas and questions to the workshop and make this the topic for that time.
Election of Board Chairman.
Charlie O'Neil moved to elect Mark Hyzer as Chair.  Bob Buttke seconded. 
Mark Hyzer abstained from voting
Bob Buttke, Charlie O'Neil, Jeff Aho and Victoria Purvine voted yes
Annette Calcagno voted no.
Election of Vice-Chair
Charlie O'Neil moved to elect Bob Buttke as Vice Chair.  Mark Hyzer seconded. 
Mark Hyzer, Bob Buttke, Charlie O'Neil and Jeff Aho voted yes.
Victoria Purvine and Annette Calcagno voted no.
MS/HS Septic report by Dan Bush, Septic technologies
The school currently has two waste water systems,  East and West.  The East system is attached to the gym and the old school and is permitted for a flow limit of 3,400 gallons per day.  The West side is permitted for 10,500 gallons per day and is attached to the Grade school.
The West side measures 2,800 gallons a day flow with the capacity of 10,500.  It did have a leak, which was caused by an electrical failure in the control panel.  We do have an alarm system wired to the tank that should have sounded when the pump stopped, and it is wired to a separate circuit per code, but the electric failure not only turned off the pump, but the alarm too.  The panel has been re-wired and is working fine.
The East side has been having problems since Mr. Bush began monitoring it in 2002.  There are solids going into the Distribution boxes instead of just the effluents and this means the items are passing from the tank instead of staying and breaking down.  This could be caused by deteriorating tanks or parts.  The first tank is seven feet down and its not safe to put a man down in the two foot opening to check on the exact situation. The second tank has been plugging for no discernable reason. 
The issue is in May of 2013 the current WCPF permit will expire, and there are conditions on the one we have.  There is supposed to be a way to measure the flow of the East system, and this condition has not been met to date.  We should be expecting a letter in May or June of 2012 asking about what the district is doing to meet this condition and so far, we haven't done anything.  The DEQ is changing from an educational agency to an enforcement agency.  The last system Mr. Bush worked with had an estimated cost of $90,000 to $95,000 for repair.  The owners chose to not make the correction.  The fine was $91,000 or $92,000 but the fine was reduced substantially once the work was done.  With our permits coming to renewal there is the possibility of the fines going back on failure to correct, but that would be unusual.
The D-boxes are inspected annually and there appears to be a leak rate of about 20% with the East system.  Meaning, even when the school is empty, the appliances or fixtures are leaking at a 20% rate.  This is a maintenance issue and not a septic issue.  The gravity system with the old East system is only sending effluents to the first 1.5 boxes and the liquid is not going to the other lines.  Since all lines depreciate at the same rate, due to soil and age, you can not block off those boxes and force the liquid to the additional boxes. 
Right now Mr. Bush is suggesting the district look at updating the tanks due to age and advances in technology, and the basic reason that it wouldn't make sense to put a new distribution system on an old tank that has solids leaving it.  The district is blessed with good soil, and the system hasn't failed yet.  If it does, the new, more restrictive requirements would come into play.  The district has plenty of room for their repair field, or they may run lines from the tanks over to the West system, which has plenty of room.
Consultants need to evaluate the system and come up with plans to meet the DEQ requirements. There are two companies that presented cost estimates, but the numbers were based on hourly cost, not fixed price.  Bob Buttke asked Mr. Bush to go back to the two companies and ask for a firm price so we can make a comparison based on actual final dollars.  To make sure the budget is maintained it was asked that stages be presented.
There was no board correspondence.
DeeDee Hanes- Grade school principal:  Pre-school will be launching this fall with Becca Tucker teaching.  The program is at 50% capacity and the hope is someday it will be at 100%.  With current expectation of enrollment it will pay for itself.  The hope is when it does get to full capacity it will also bring in $50,000 to the district.  There will be no more than 20 students in the classroom at one time and Friday's will be day-care instead of pre-school.  There are five students who's parents have expressed interest in Friday care. 
Annette Calcagno asked about the requirement of daycare to provide meals and if it is worth holding the school open for five students.
Principal Hanes said that she knows you have to seed a business when it starts out and feels that it is worth opening the building for those five students.  The meal is being looked into but right now she plans on asking parents to pack a sack lunch for Fridays.  There are different guidelines for a public school doing day care as a pay for fee.
DeeDee Hanes: Special Education Director:  The new legislation law allows the dollars for a student to follow the student when it moves to a charter.  In the past the cost and responsibility ran with the originating district when a student went to a charter school.  Now, the responsibility and money will go to the district the charter is located in.  There will be one child transferring responsibility to Reynolds, and seven coming into Corbett.  This is fine as the students have mild problems and Corbett will receive 2 times the ADM for these students. Or, around $12,000.  Charter schools Special Education is the responsibility of the district they are in, not the charter's responsibility, so the money will come to the district.  You only have a Special Education liaison in the Charter, not a teacher.
Phil Pearson: High School Assistant principal:  It is appropriate to be following the presentation on the sewage because what he is talking about is the No Child Left Behind Act and that is what it is.  This act was started January 8, 2002 and measures the AYP, or Adequate Yearly Progress, of students.  This year the Board will be responsible to send out letters stating that Corbett is failing.  Last year the grade school did not meet the standards, and based on expectation of test returns, the school did not meet the requirements this year either.  After two or three years of failing rankings it is required that the Board send out a notification to the parents that the school is failing.  The first year of failing there are no sanctions, the second or third year you have to notify the parents, the fourth year you replace some of the staff.  Year five you replace All of the staff or re-open as a charter, year six you implement the restructing plan. 
The Oregon Assessment test bumped the "meets" requirements for math from a passing rank of 204 points to 212 points for third grade, from 231 to 234 for eighth grade and dropped it from 238 to 236 for tenth grade.  Based on the OAKS and NCLB process the failing schools will soon be making t-shirts to wear because they will be part of a large group and by the time 2013-2014 rolls around ALL of the schools in Oregon will be failing, as 100% of the students need to be passing at grade level by then.
Victoria Purvine asked about the new National Standards that are coming out and replacing the OAKS test?  This standard is to make sure that all students are taught at the same pace and can transfer from one state to the next without falling behind or souring ahead depending on where they used to live.  Where is the District in starting this implementation?
Assistant Principal Pearson said its not up to the district.  Victoria Purvine said that based on information provided to her, the district should have started implementing the 2010-2011 school year.  Are we not doing that?    Mr. Pearson is unaware of anything to address this issue.
(Aside:  to get more information on Common Core State Standards you can go to: .  The goal is to reduce the current 40 strands of teaching to 14 basic strands to make all students ready for college or a career when they graduate.  The idea is to stop the "mile wide but inch deep" theory of teaching and reduce the number of students dropping out or schools failing.  These are used as a beginning point for teachers, it does NOT tell them how to teach.)
Resolution to accept the previous months board meeting calendar was moved to an action item by request.  This allowed discussion regarding the time and dates of the meetings.  Victoria Purvine asked that we discuss making the meetings earlier.  Bob Buttke said we've been having the meetings at the same time for twelve years and didn't see a need to move them.  Jeff Aho thought 6 was too early, 6:30 was also determined to be too early.  Charlie O'Neil asked if Victoria would accept a friendly amendment and we move the meetings to 7pm and change the December meeting from Dec 21st the December 14th.  This was voted on and passed by the board.  (I did not get the actual tally, I believe it was approved by all.)
Financial reports:  Dr. Trani said we are pretty close to what we had estimated for the budget.  He is hoping to increase the ending fund balance and between the cuts, May adjustment and working with the teachers the ending funds should be over $500,000 once all bills are paid.
Vacancy:  There is a vacancy on the Budget committee.  This will be announced at the August meeting and the board will decide how to proceed.  If you are interested in being on the committee please notify Robin Lindeen-Blakely.
Consent agenda:  (Aside:  these items are placed on one vote to speed up the meetings.  The only items on this agenda are ones that should not require any discussion as they are considered "housekeeping" items.  If a board member sees an item on the consent agenda that they would like to have discussed they are to contact the Chair and have it moved to an action item.  You can remove the item up to acceptance of the agenda at the start of the meeting, but it is considered common courtesy to notify the Chair in advance.)
**1.11 Approve Local Public Contract Review Board
**RESOLUTION NO. 5.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board of Directors for Corbett School
District is the governing body for the school under ORS 279A.060 as delegated. (Policy BBA,
3.2 Fidelity Bonds
**RESOLUTION NO. 6.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board bond Randy K. Trani, Superintendent,
Robin Lindeen-Blakeley, Deputy Clerk, and Debbie Schneider, Business Office Assistant, each in
the amount of $250,000, as required under ORS 332.525. (Policy DH)
**3.3 Designate Custodian of Funds
*RESOLUTION NO.7.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board designates Randy K. Trani,
Superintendent, and Robin Lindeen-Blakeley, Deputy Clerk, as custodian of Corbett School
District No. 39, Multnomah County, and Randy K. Trani, Superintendent, Debbie Schneider,
Business Office Assistant, and Jean-Paul Soulagnet, Athletic Director/Teacher, as custodian for
Corbett Middle/High School Student Body Account funds in compliance with ORS 328.441; and
that such funds be dispersed only in the manner provided in subsection (1) of ORS 328.445,
effective July 1, 2011. (Policy DGA)
**3.4 Designate Depository of Funds
**RESOLUTION NO. 8.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board designate Oregon State Treasury
Local Government Investment Pool, U.S. National Bank, Wells Fargo and the Bank of New York
Mellon as depositories for 2011-2012. (ORS 328.441 Policy DG)
**3.5 Designate Chief Administrative And Budget Officer
**RESOLUTION NO. 9.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board designates Randy K. Trani as Chief
Administrative Officer/School District Clerk and Budget Officer who should prepare or supervise
the preparation of the budget document effective July 1, 2011, in compliance with ORS 294.331
and ORS 332.515. (Policy CB and CBA)
**3.6 Designate Business Manager and Deputy Clerk
**RESOLUTION NO. 10.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board designates Kristy Fogle as Business
Manager through Columbia Gorge ESD and Robin Lindeen-Blakeley, Deputy Clerk effective July
1, 2011. (Policy CCA, DJ and DK)
**3.7 Confirm Official Auditors
**RESOLUTION NO. 11.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board confirm Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C.
as official auditors for the school year 2011-12. (ORS 297.405, ORS 327.137, and ORS 328.465
and Policy DIE)
**3.8 Legal Counsel
**RESOLUTION NO. 12.7-11**- RESOLVED that the Board confirm The Hungerford Law Firm as
our advisor and representative for legal matters. (Policy BCG)
**3.9 Approve contracts for payment
**RESOLUTION NO. 13.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board authorize its superintendent or the
superintendent's designee to enter into and approve payment on contracts for products,
materials, supplies, capital outlay, equipment and services that are within appropriations made by
the district school board. (ORS 332.075(2-3) and Board Policy DK & DJ)
**5.1 Alternative Education Programs
**RESOLUTION NO. 13.7-11**- RESOLVED that the Board approve the list attached in the Board
packet of alternative education programs that provide educational services to district students.
(ORS 336.631, ORS 336.655 AND OAR 581-022-1350 and Policy IGBHA)
**5.2 Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education
**RESOLUTION NO. 14.7-11** - RESOLVED that the Board reviewed policy. (OAR 581-022-0413
and Policy IGAEB)
**5.3 Media Instruction and Support Services for all grade levels
**RESOLUTION NO. 15.7-11** - RESOLVED that the Board reviewed program goals for media
instruction and support services for all grade levels and policy IIAC/IIBD. (OAR 581-022-1520 (1)
**9.1 Revised Additional Days for Confidential/Administrative Employee
**RESOLUTION NO. 16.7-11** RESOLVED that the Board approve the additional 13 days in
June 2011 (average 34 hours/week) for Business Office Assistant, Debbie Schneider (.85 FTE),
effective June 13 through June 30, 2011.
**9.2 Revised Contract for 2011-2012 for Confidential/Administrative Employee
**RESOLUTION NO. 17.7-11** - RESOLVED that the Board approve the revised contract for
Business Office Assistant, Debbie Schneider (.73 FTE) for $23,181.00.
**9.3 Approve Additional/Change in Contract Days for Classified Employee
**RESOLUTION NO. 18.7-11**- RESOLVED that the Board approve an additional 7 days for
Dorthy Hayden, .15 FTE Bus Driver /.85 FTE Eligibility Official, to her contract for 2011-2012.
**9.4 Revised OFLA for Certified Employee
**RESOLUTION NO. 19.7-11**- RESOLVED that the Board approve the revised dates for Oregon
Family Leave for Dacia Loeung, K-2 Teacher, effective September 6 October 18, 2011.
**10.1 Proposed Policies
**RESOLUTION NO. 20.7-11** - RESOLVED that the Board approve as first readings on the
proposed polices a and b:
a. EFAA District Nutrition and Food Services
b. GBCA Staff Religious Dress (Version 1)
Springdale school:  one bid came in under the agreed upon limit.  It was resolved that the board confirm Group Mackenzie's proposal for $8,500 to determine the work needed on the school and approximate cost to bring it up to code.  This is the same company that worked with the Jeff Lucas memorial committee.  They said they can have the initial figure back to the board by the August meeting.  It was also suggested that Alpha do a phase one environmental study by Dr. Trani but the board agreed to wait on okaying the study.  The cost is $2,100 and if the Group Mackenzie figure comes in higher than the board is comfortable with then it is a waste of money to pay for the environmental study. 
Booster club is holding an Athletic Night on August the 25th.  There will be a golf tournemount on 9/18 and games start on 9/2.  For more information contact Chris Detherage or Kristie Stafford.
Superintendent's report:  Legislative vote rundown.  I put the link to the OSBA website.
 2011 OSBA/COSA Legislative Summary is now online
Jeff Aho gave a big thank you to the Communications committee on the work done and for all of their help. 
I have a copy of the communication survey and will try to get it on-line once I have a scanner available.
Meeting was concluded at 10:52 pm.

Summer Board Conference materials are now online
- Handouts
- Dr. Michelle Borba - Click on "Find Dr. Borba's publications" to access her available publications