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Title: Petition to the Corbett School Board
Post by: on January 18, 2011, 06:06:38 PM
"We the undersigned believe that if the Corbett School Board works with the community that there is a way forward in solving our budget crisis without taking out large loans and moving in large numbers of out of district students into an additional or expanded charter school. This will require a willingness by the school board to work together to solve the current budgetary problems. Thank you for your time and for caring about the future of Corbett School District!"

Our schools are in a budget crisis and projected to be almost $600,000 short this upcoming 2011-2012 school year. In response our school board has applied for a one million dollar loan for the first phase of creating an extension of the current Charter model in Corbett School District at the Historic Springdale School to bring in additional students. A proposal will be made sometime in the next month or two for the charter school expansion and ultimately this could mean 600+ out of district students in Corbett each school day, large loans that our schools will have to repay over 20 or more years and ultimately the loss of our small Corbett community public school. Our community must stand and be counted and let our school board know that we want to keep our schools small and our roads safe. We believe there are ideas and people in the community willing to work with CSD to help our schools reduce spending, generate revenue and provide a quality education for ALL the children in our school district.