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Title: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: on August 25, 2009, 10:32:56 AM
For those interested, Mr. Dunton's new blog is posted from the Corbett School's web site.
It can be found here:




Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: on September 13, 2009, 05:25:10 PM
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Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: Nelson on February 03, 2010, 02:20:45 PM
Your link is wrong now by the way... He is still writing though...

Dunton's new bog:
Charter School Web site:
Another blog he has is here;

Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: peter pan on April 30, 2010, 12:21:53 PM
I think Mr. Dunton deserves some credit for removing his latest blog post titled something like, "12 ways to improve schools" or something similar.  I don't know if any of the parents I heard mention it told him how he came across, but if so, it shows that he is willing to consider that public statements sometimes offend people other than those they are meant to.  I don't mean that to sound sarcastic; I truly appreciate the humility it takes to retract something you've said.

Title: more posts removed
Post by: corbettfamily on May 01, 2010, 09:30:42 AM
THis is now the second or third time on this forum it has been mentioned that he posts things and then takes thme off later. If you are just a third party person who is innocent to all the stories or what is going on with the schoolboard and the charterschool board and you just read this and found out it was the superintendent posting it, woudln't you think this was unprofessional and really weird?  Cause he would leave stuff up for like 5 days and then take it down? Here are the posts he just took off his web site if anyone is curious to read why he removed what he wrote it  is very snotty!!! I don't think rumors are as badas one single superintendent posting nasty stuff about parents on his public blog. ( to us that is a good exampele of 'quiet desperation' but whatever. ) We have never met him so maybe he is really misunderstood. Maybe if he would just explain what rumors and why they are untrue we could maybe respect him more than this tkind of thing. How come he doesnt help stop all the rumors insteda o f fanning the flames in the community??? THat is what we are wondering. He seems to just like to stir up the pot maybe he should quit posting nasty things and then taking them down like he never said it? personally i dont' like a two face. if you are gonna say somehting - say it and stick by it already and for the record here si what he wrote:

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Since You Asked <>
Here are twelve proven strategies for changing schools, straight from the horse's mouth.

1. Get your opinions out there early and often, as taking time to learn the facts just slows down the reform effort.

2. Repeat rumors frequently, as they tend eventually to be accepted as facts and they are far easier to remember and to change to fit your needs.

3. Post mean-spirited things about your child's teacher on your face-book, my-space, space-face, or whatever other pretend online communities might be available to you. It will endear you to all of the teachers and make your child's next teacher very excited to have you as a new parent.

4. Never trust an administrator. They have authority. This makes them the enemy. Try to change them often. If you can't dismiss them, try just annoying them until they leave.

5 Reduce administrative staffing and administrative salaries immediately prior to launching a national search for new leadership. That will attract the rising stars from at least 49 states! Could attract international attention as well. And maybe Doonesbury!

6. Send family members as proxies of your discontent at board meetings. 
This one is tried and true.  Failing that, try yelling from the back of the room or shouting over the sound of the gavel.

7. Put on a volunteer badge and speak ill of the school everywhere you go. It makes guests to the school feel right at home and it convinces visitors that they have found a warm and supportive community.

8. Any time you don't get your way, claim a lack of communication. (If you don't get what you want, they obviously weren't listening.)

9. Remember that downloading 'research' from the internet is just as good as knowing what you're talking about. Print off reams of the stuff and let yourself imagine that it makes you an authority. If you believe it, so might someone else.

10. Put the focus on process, process, process. Education is just a byproduct, really. What matters is who is in charge and how decisions get made. (Achievement is elitist, and it's only really of value to you if you think your child might achieve.)

11. Make sure that your children know of your discontent. That will undermine the authority of the teacher, creating some of the problems that you hope to see in the classroom.

12. Remember that you have the advantage. You can say or do almost anything, while school employees and ethical board members are limited by rules pertaining to truthfulness, confidentiality, decorum. When two parties are playing a game and only one feels obligated to follow the rules, the other should be able to pull off a win.

It's hard to imagine that it can be so simple, but there you have it.  And even those twelve steps can be reduced to just one:

Be the change that you are looking for. That's right. You can expect results that mirror the strategies of your team of self-appointed change agents.

This is more true than can be easily expressed. There is a world of difference between "changing" and "improving". Changing is easy. Change brought about by the methods prescribed above will be both thorough and disastrous.
Posted by Bob Dunton at 10:04 PM <>  <;postID=2043207614518187338>
Friday, April 23, 2010
Lives of Quiet Desperation? <>
Warning! This is a personal blog. These thoughts are my own and don't represent the official position of anyone or any thing.

Thoreau was doubtless on to something. But we've come a long way, babies. No quiet desperation for us! We whine, we gripe, we post anonymous slander on community four-ums and on (two)-face(d)-book sites. We not only don't go quiet into the night, we can't walk down the hall without moaning aloud. We demand that every bully is a victim (if the bully is a family member), that real bullies (other people's children) are at the root of every misstep (if my child missteps), that every authority is oppressive or negligent, and that every achievement is a threat to democratic values. We demand that every interest is a conflict and the the very existence of sex constitutes sexual harassment. We have been wronged by everyone we meet and by some we haven't yet met.

We want rights without responsibility, choices without consequences (in fact, we want freedom to choose without ever having to admit that we have made a choice, because that might imply responsibility! No choosers here! Just us victims!)

Still, H.D.'s point remains. What if this culture of tantrum, noisy as it is, inadvertently displays a profound, inarticulate despair: unspoken, unacknowledged, undiagnosed? And maybe it's more than a passive despair. Maybe it's an active nihilism in accordance to which we would destroy a thing rather than to allow it to flourish by means not of our own design. We feel powerless. We want to matter. We don't trust that we can create anything, so what's the next best thing? If not by an act of creation, how can we matter?

I am always charmed by the story of the African people among whom the daily greeting is "How are the children?" What strength of character and singleness of purpose is communicated is a simple phrase!

What's our greeting?  "How am I feeling about myself?"  Lives of quiet despair...those were the days.
Posted by Bob Dunton at 7:15 PM <>

Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: She said on May 01, 2010, 08:48:51 PM
I respectfully disagree with peter pan.  Just because Mr.  Dunton deletes and entry from his blog does not mean he retracts it.    Retracting something refers to admitting is was incorrect in the first place.  I see nothing stating he was incorrect.

Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: breezy on May 07, 2010, 08:11:11 AM
I would also like to believe that Mr. Dunton humbled himself and retracted his divisive words but I am sure he can find no wrong with them. SAD! He uses his blog to smack down the voices around him that he doesn't like. 

 It is disappointing that our Superintendent doesn't seem to realize, the 12 steps he listed are a natural consequence of his own actions. If he could directly answer some questions AND treat others with respect, much of this would be dispelled. Instead, he chooses not to show up at his own board meetings and bully others with his blog???    He is a representation of our district.  He should be held to a higher standard.

Here are a few tips to becoming an excellent superintendent.

*Respect the fact that parents and community care about the decisions made that shape our school.  Communication should be encouraged.  If he doesn't like the word communication how about “education”.   Why isn't he educating us about his plans and goals for our school?

*Work together with parents and community to achieve COMMON goals. Try building partnerships NOT walls. He just built 12 more walls with his little list. 

*If you want someone to listen to you and follow your advice, just telling them they SHOULD listen to you and follow your advice is not a good plan of action.

*PLEASE realize that no one cares what you know, until they know that you care.  Instead, I see disrespect and disregard.

Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: breezy on May 11, 2010, 02:57:29 PM

Well - now I am curious. Since Mr. Dunton brought it up, how much does he make?   
Does anyone know? If not, where would I find this info? It is public record, right?

Are we reducing administration staff?
It seems to me that we are adding a position with Mr Dunton moving to the charter school, Mr. Trani moving to Superintendant and still retaining 2 part time princepals and 1 full time. Do most schools with 1,000 students k-12 have this many administrators?

Title: Re: Mr. Dunton's Blog
Post by: Barbara on May 12, 2010, 07:08:11 PM
i just figured out how to make my own folder on the Corbett schools area! ----- So check out my questions I just posted tonight ( rumors or facts?). I heard it was $200,000! He must be an expert. ----- An expert at setting up the school board so that he could do whatever he wants ----- if you could do that - you too could make serious money off of the public school system.