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Title: Available Nanny/Babysitter/Caregiver
Post by: Bird426 on July 26, 2009, 08:56:14 PM

            My name's Charlotte Engler, I'm 26, and semi-new to Corbett. My fiance has grown up here, and we live at the bottom of Larch Mt.

             I would love to help people out in the community by offering my services as a nanny, babysitter, and non-medical caregiver to elderly and/or folks with special needs.
          *  I love children, and find happiness and fulfillment in helping them be inspired and love life.  I enjoy interacting with, and teaching them through nature, fun games, music, art, dance, and encouraging their own interests.  I have 10+ years babysitting experience, and 3+ years professional experience as a live-in nanny for 2 children from ages 2 and 4. I am trained in CPR, and have knowledge of first-aid and natural remedies.  I value communication and collaboration with parents, am reliable, courteous, honest, and understanding. 
           *  As a caregiver, I have no professional experience, but plenty of experience listening, and caring for family unprofessionally, and a strong desire to be attentive to and comfort others. I generally get along easily with old and young people. I'm a hard-worker, have much respect, energy, and patience.   I'm happy to do things of all sorts to assist, like keeping company, grooming, running errands, laundry, cleaning, cooking, organizing, gardening, making phone calls, etc.  I'm not an RN, but I do have knowledge of CPR and first-aid, as said, as well as reliable transportation.
           Depending on the situation, I would ask $12-$15/hr.  I am very open schedule-wise, as I currently have no other commitments.  Come mid-September we'll be trying to start a small business, so I may only be available very part-time at that point.  I look forward to meeting some great people and getting to know the community better.   
      Thank you!
                   Charlotte Engler
          or (503) 810-3683