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Title: Corbett School District Resources
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Title: Corbett School District 39
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District-Community Relations Goals and Objectives

The Boardís goal of achieving positive district-community relations are:

1. To develop public understanding of all aspects of district operations, ascertain public attitudes toward
issues in education and identify the publicís educational expectations for their students;
2. To secure adequate financial support for the educational program;
3. To help citizens feel responsibility for the quality of education provided by their schools;
4. To earn the publicís confidence with regard to district staff and services;
5. To foster public understanding of the need for constructive change and solicit public advice on
achieving educational goals;
6. To involve citizens in solving educational problems;
7. To promote cooperation between the district and the community and to share the leadership for
improving community life.

Achieving these objectives requires that the Board and staff, individually and collectively, express positive
attitudes toward the schools in their daily contacts with parents, community members and one another;
make systematic, honest and continuing efforts to discover what the public thinks and what citizens want to
know; interpret district programs, problems and accomplishments; develop an active partnership with the
community in working toward improvement of the educational program; and take an active interest in the
needs of the community to find ways to make the community a better place to live.

Legal Reference(s):
ORS 332.107

Title: Re: Corbett School District Resources
Post by: breezy on May 18, 2010, 01:22:20 PM
 Here are the Corbett School District Board Goals. I found them on the Schoolís web site by searching BOARD POLICY.  I see there is also a link to them on this forum.  I am assuming these policies are given to every school board member and should be well known to them.
-Intent to keep district citizens regularly and thoroughly informed
-Invite the advice and counsel of people in the district, especially at open Board meetings
-Support citizen advisory committees to consider concerns which affect the district.
-The Board is responsible to the people for whose benefit the district has been established.
-it must carry out its functions openly and seek the involvement of students, staff and the public during its decision-making processes.
-Maintain effective communication with the students, staff and public to maintain awareness of attitudes, opinions, desires and ideas
-Conduct Board business openly, soliciting and encouraging broad-based involvement of the students staff and the public in the Boardís decision-making processes.

Title: Re: Corbett School District Resources
Post by: Oscar on May 19, 2010, 10:25:30 AM
Regarding District policies and goals:  Has anyone been on a CSB citizen's advisory committee recently?  This school boards seems reluctant to form any when there are many concerns like: charter schools; multiply grade classrooms; athletics; what to do with Springdale School; how to raise money for a future bond.  This board needs to listen to and engage the community.

Title: CSB citizen's advisory committee
Post by: Kitchen Aide on May 19, 2010, 05:49:23 PM
I have attached the BBFA G1.pdf in full. ( Corbett School District's Board Member Conflicts of Interest legal document . ) In part it says:

" No Board member will solicit or receive, either directly or indirectly, any pledge or promise of future employment based on any understanding that the Board member's vote, official action or judgment would be thereby influenced. Individual Board members and the Board as a public entity are bound by the Code of Ethics for public officials as stated in Oregon law. "

Besides the Board Members of the public School that we should be concerned about  ( Like Sis and Charlie that meet privately with Mr. Dunton orchestrating turning the whole school system into a Charter .... and who admit to have been working on the Charter school behind the curtain "for years" .... and Sis supposedly looking to take on a position at the NEW CHARTER SATELLITE IN THE SPRINGDALE SCHOOL - so much for a community center Corbett , as a Director or something. Then there is Charlie who screams at people and calls them names at board meeting breaks because he was called out on his attitude to support the Charter over the Public Schoool .... ) ... besides them...

Wouldn't Randy Trani ( who will be APPOINTED as the new district superintendent tonight at the School Board Meeting according to the Agenda ) also be suspect of sitting on the Charter School Board - only to take Dunton's job once Dunton got the Charter going? Yes, of course, Trani is now stepping down off the board... but hey - he did what needed doing to set up his new gig.

And why is it that in no school newsletter ( or anywhere ) in two years has any explanation been offered as to how everything is now going the way of the Charter School model? ( Imaginative Learning and blends greater than two years in each class in teh grade school... No discussion - just hey "we're different here".... COME ON. )  They just announce these changes to parents every time. If you ask too many questions "YOU ARE OUTED."

Randy Trani wrote a book on Imaginative Learning in which he basically dismisses ( just like Dunton ) educational standards and testing. I didn't sign up for my kids to be part of some grand experiment in Corbett. I had a GREAT public school education and I am not about sending my kid to a public school where there is no set curriculum that they provide for the Grade School. You don't know what your kids are going to learn about from one year to the next or one teacher to the next. Math is out of a book and the rest is different room to room.... ( some kids are now studying topics like "DUST" from 1st grade through their senior year as part of the "learning in depth" Charter Imaginative Learning Model... WT_....???? ) I am floored there isn't more public outcry.

Oh wait - we are just finding out that the rumors... are actually real. There will be outcry and there will be answers but to how many childrens expense??? We are being duped into a Charter Franchise ...  to the benefit of Mr. Dunton and his delisions of grandeaur. That is my opinion.

It will probably end with a mess in our schools again ...but I would rather start with an HONEST school board and ADMINISTRATORS THAT ARE NOT SELL OUTS THAT REFUSE TO SPEAK TO PARENTAL CONCERNS. I AM READY FOR A GAME CHANGER. How about you?

WE ALL OWE IT TO OURSELVES, OUR CHILDREN AND OUR COMMUNITY TO FORM ONE (  CSB citizen's advisory committee ) I am in. Anyone that wants to get together and start the process soon, please PM me........and we can start to circle the wagons.