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Title: How to add your own events or messages
Post by: on December 30, 2006, 10:10:38 AM

First, just register your username and password - See menu above to register.

Please note: the system gets A LOT of spam registrants. Please do not include numbers in your username as the vast majority of those are spam. Also,  if you forget your password, there is an automatic system in place. Just select the "forgot your password?" link at the log-in screen and it will help you reset the password.

AFTER AGREEING TO THE FORUM TERMS: You must email the site administrator manually ( to notify them that you would like to be part of our forum and that email address must match the email address you are registering with above. After this, your registration should be approved within (at most) 48 hours. Thank you for your help.


After you register and log in, you can then select the "board" (area of topics) you wish to post to.
If it is an event, start on the calendar tab above.

When choosing to post to a board: Select "new topic" from the top right and enter your information.

For the calendar; Select the date of the event you would like to add and then add your info.
Select the above "HELP" tab for more information.


Please only post messages and events that are specific to our community.

After you post your information - you can also send an email to the admin ( to ask to share your post to the Corbett Oregon Facebook page

*TIP: After you type in your content you can attach a pdf, .doc or image by selecting the blue text at the bottom that says "ADDITIONAL OPTIONS".

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The goal is to create an area where the community can find and share local information.